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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A crushing defeat for Britain's Conservative Party

A major defeat for the UK Conservative Party.
Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks alongside Andy Sawford in
the village of Middleton, Corby.

Britain's Conservative Party is slaughtered in a special election for a vacant Conservative seat
  • Voters reject Conservative Party austerity programs.
  • The Socialist Labour Party has a massive victory.
  • The UK Independence Party becomes a force in British politics.

David Cameron suffered a damaging setback as Labour seized the key marginal seat of Corby with a huge majority of 7,791.

The by-election in Northamptonshire was triggered after Tory author Louise Mensch quit the Commons in the summer to move to the US with her family reports the UK Daily Mail.

Labour victor Andy Sawford said no party has formed a government without holding the seat: 'The road to Downing Street runs through Corby.'

Special advisory to American readers.
Do not be alarmed.  This is called a free election with many real political parties on the ballot.  Free elections are something the United Stated used to have.  Don't worry, this moment of confusion will pass and you will return to the modern undemocratic US system of only two choices on election day.

Corby by election

Sawford won 17,267 votes, against Conservative Christine Emmett's 9,476, on a 12.67% swing from Tories to Labour, overturning a Tory majority of 1,951 at the 2010 general election.
Sawford said the result was 'a damning verdict on Cameron's betrayal of the British people'.
'Today, Middle England has spoken and they have sent a very clear message to David Cameron.

'Make no mistake, since this constituency existed, no party has formed a government without winning. The road to Downing Street runs through Corby.'

Labour leader Ed Miliband said: 'This constituency has sent a very clear message today, that it is putting its trust in a One Nation Labour party and Middle England is turning away from David Cameron and the Conservatives.'

The UKIP made a major showing in the election. 

UKIP was expected to have cost the Conservatives major support, and managed to win 5,108 votes.

The Lib Dems were pushed into fourth place with 1,770 votes. At today's count UKIP supporters jokingly offered to have a whip round to cover the Lib Dems lost deposit.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage boasted that his party was now the 'third force in British politics' after securing the party's best ever result.

It is also thought that a surge in Eurosceptic support and protest votes for Nigel Farage's UKIP could deprive the Tories of victory in some of the 41 police and crime commissioner elections.

(UK Daily Mail)

Canvassing in Corby

By Roger Helmer MEP

I’ve just spent several very interesting hours canvassing in Corby — or strictly speaking, in Thrapston.
Several interesting insights emerged. First, our Campaign Director, a veteran of several by-election campaigns, has rarely seen such a positive response. Our very smart Campaign Office in a shop unit in Corby Town Centre has seen an exceptional level of interest already — although the by-election has not yet been formally called. There has been a lot of comment about the unwillingness of the Labour campaign team to address the issues worrying voters — like immigration, for example. And a number of voters have come straight across from Labour’s Office, a hundred yards away, to say they’ll be voting UKIP.
The second story concerns a startling Labour faux pas. Apparently the Labour team had a batch of envelopes intended for hand delivery — but by accident they put them in the post. Unstamped. We don’t know how many, but a number of voters were very angry when they were invited by the Post Office to pay £3 for unstamped mail, only to find an electoral letter from the Labour Party. How to lose friends and infuriate people.
I was also struck by one particular voter who was happy to chat, but insisted that he was a Labour voter, he’d always voted Labour, he always would vote Labour. He agreed he was unhappy with the track record of all the old parties, but nothing would shake him from his historic tribal loyalty. I was about to retire hurt when I thought of one last try.
“Well”, said I, “I respect your position on local and general elections, but could I just ask you to think about UKIP for the euro-elections in 2014? “Ha ha”, he said, holding up his index finger towards his nose in a conspiratorial fashion, “Now that’s a different issue entirely”.


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