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Friday, November 23, 2012

Democrat Racist attacks against the GOP

Scumbag Democrats use the Race Card for political gain while Americans are murdered
  • "The only color that matters to me is red, the blood of those who were killed."  ---- Senator Lindsey Graham

By Gary;

I am fucking pissed off.  Is there a lower form of life than a piece of crap Leftist, racist, Socialist Democrat?  I can't think of any.

A totally racist Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) said she believed criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice over the Benghazi  contained "clear ... sexism and racism."  "It is a shame that anytime something goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities," Fudge added. 

Then mouth-breathing idiot Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said a letter from nearly 100 House Republicans urging President Obama not to appoint Susan Rice as secretary of State employed racially charged "code words" to make its case.

Fuck all these racist Commie bastards.

At least a few are willing to stand up against this race pandering BS.

"If you can't answer the question, you attack the questioner ... my criticism has been about failed foreign policy," said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)

"The only color that matters to me is red, the blood of those who were killed. I think it's a good thing for people of color and women to be appointed to the highest level of our government, because in the past, they couldn't be. I think it would be a terrible thing in America if you couldn't question and challenge what they did in their jobs," he continued.

(The Hill)

Rush military caller says that Obama ordered no response to Benghazi attack

Democrats deep in the gutter of racial hate.
Playing the race card for all it is worth, Democrats tried to whip up an African American mob against what they called a "White Hispanic" man in Florida.
The mob mentality went down well among a large mass of non-thinking Black voters.  But it was strange that Hispanic voters did not feel insulted or targeted by Black Democrat racism directed at both Hispanics and Whites. 

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