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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, November 10, 2012

California adopts Communism - Coming soon to America

Welcome to the People's Republic of California.
Always the leader, California now adopts Communism
Can all of America be far behind?
  • California:  Massive taxes, massive debt, businesses leaving, a one-party state run by and for government employee labor unions and the Marxist re-distribution of the wealth.
  • And did I mention the state's 55 Electoral College votes automatically cast for Leftist Presidential candidates?

By Gary;

Welcome to the People's Republic of California.

The 2012 election was a pivotal one for the Commissars running this giant commune.

The Extinction of the Republican Party  -  Comrade Obama carried the state in a stunning landslide of 59% to 38%.  Obama even carried formerly GOP counties like San Diego, San Bernardino and Ventura. 

Socialist-Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein won with 61% against a total unknown Republican.  Feinstein carried all of the formerly GOP Southern California counties except Orange County.

The GOP does not hold a single statewide office. If current balloting holds, Socialist-Democrats will have captured a two-thirds majority in both houses of the legislature. Just the right number to increase taxes at will to fund the unions.

As of now it looks like the GOP will lose 3 of their 18 California Congressmen.  At this rate the GOP will become extinct like in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and much of New England.

More Marxist Taxes for all  -  By a huge 54% - 46% margin Californians had no trouble soaking the evil rich people and imposed a 13.3% income tax rate on top of what they pay the Feds.  The voters also increased sales taxes on everyone else.

The income tax proposition was funded by tens of millions in government employee labor union dues money.  For "fairness" the wealth of the producers of society must be re-distributed to fill the gaping black hole of the union pension plans.

The unions also made sure that Prop 32 that limited their stealing dues money from their members was soundly defeated.

High Costs Have Businesses Fleeing California
NFIB/CA legislative director Ken DeVore discusses the many reasons why businesses are leaving California which includes having the highest sales tax, highest corporate tax and the second highest income tax in the nation.

California - The future of the Socialist welfare state
Bankrupt, high taxes, welfare, union domination, Marxism.

Marxist "Fairness" in Incomes
  • From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Long Beach  -  Leftist voters in this large (nearly 500,000 people) Los Angeles County port city have been reading and re-reading the works of Karl Marx.

Backed by a vote of 63%, the Socialists voted for a "Fair Living Wage" for hotel workers in the city.  The new law forces the 17 non-union hotels in the city to pay at least $13 an hour to their workers.
The key word is non-union. The police power of government is being used to select one single business to punish and impose income requirements. All other workers are forgotten . . . for now.

San Jose  -  If you know the way to this Northern California city of nearly 1,000,000 people then you too can cash in on "free" money the government is handing out.

On their own the city raised the minimum wage to $10 an hour.  That is $2 higher than the state requires.

With the battle cry "think of the poor" 59% of the voters said the rape of small business was now legal in the city.  How long until $10 becomes $14.  Hell, why not $18.  After all, it is "free" money made by evil business owners.

Arcata  -  In this small Northern California coastal town of Enviro-Hippies, some 69% voted that if you dare to use too much electricity then a 45% tax will be applied to your monthly electric bill.

The Condom Police.
Leftist Los Angeles now requires that
porn stars wear condoms.  New union
workers will have to be hired to make
sure the law is enforced.

The Commies claim that 7% of the private homes use "too much" power.  The excuse given is those homes might be growing pot inside.  Might. 

But the tax applies to all and gives government yet more money to spend.

Condoms for Porn Stars  -  The Condom Police are coming. 

What the fuck, how do I apply for that job!  Someone must make sure the condoms are being properly installed and are firmly secure to prevent leakage.

Los Angeles County voters passed the "Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act". 

The measure requires adult film producers to obtain permits from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

The act also requires that actors use condoms for all acts that involve anal or vaginal penetration during filming, and that the public health permit be posted along with a notice to the actors regarding condom use.

Adult film producers must also provide a written exposure control plan.

The city of Los Angeles passed a similar law in March, which required the use of condoms during filming. Measure B makes condom use a requirement across the entire county. The measure also imposes a fine of up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail for anyone found in violation of the law on set.

Back when California was Republican
In the not so olden days California elected GOP Presidents, Governors and Senators.  Now it has become a People's Commune and testing ground for every leftist loon program ever conceived.
Not that long ago you could drive from Santa Barbara on the California coast to Los Angeles to Palm Springs and to the Arizona border and never leave a Republican Congressional District.  Now every single seat is held by Leftist Democrats.
Republicans are losing solid middle class seats.  If the GOP cannot win over the middle class then it will become extinct.


Anonymous said...

What a fucking nightmare! I feel like we are living in a parallel universe, with no way out

Gary said...

It is the Road to Serfdom. In the past Americans could always move west to get away from government, but no more.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't bother me a bit EXCEPT... as CA keeps going in the red, The Fed keeps pumping OUR money in there (why??? they made their bed.. now they can lie in it) and.... with their number of voters... they can keep that Fed money coming. Isn't there some way they can go "Independent" ?? I mean, wouldn't they really be happier running everything on their own??? (how can we ask them to leave)...

Gary said...

It is not just California. The Feds are running the printing presses 24-7 to churn out pretend money to cover every Socialist wet-dream program ever.

Anonymous said...

The communist can rejoice in their popularity now. But years from now when the starvation, hopelessness and oppression become reality
they will be crying.

Anonymous said...

check out venezuelan experiment.... just the same,, their doing in good ol´california,, the elite is just expanding ... th e new world order,, just a step by step... even if it takes years,, but they run the agenda like that for centuries, slowly imposing , ahhhh, almost forgot , the media, the media, people!! thats their silent weapon, so to speak,,, the god damn media giants are killing this generation, and the next... fight back... AN american in abstentia. jesus save us. amen,

Anonymous said...

my beloved americans...... your´re being run by the media... like puppets, and i know you´re not puppets. just that you´ve been so doped up on sit coms, movies, the fucking stupidest thing ever created by man : reality shows,,, t.v people... t.v is killing you... and the elite, the new world order , in all their branches... are taking advantage of it... please, people, you got a long way ahead to overcome this giant evil desease called the new world order, "they " think its inevitable... but you shalll defend your liberties ,, your principals, but the key to it is THINK IN BLACK AND WHITE... DONT BELIEVE A SINGLE THING FROM THE MEDIA... ANY THING " NEWS FLASH" IS JUST A FAD,, SOMETHING TO DISTRACT YOU ALL.. GOD BLESS AMERICA..