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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thought Crime - College to allow anonymous reporting of "microaggression"

"Thoughtcrime is death."
George Orwell

  • The Fascist students and faculty of America's colleges are using 1984 as an instruction manual to suppress free thought.  Welcome to that boot stamping on a human face forever.

(Campus Reform)  -  Ithaca College will have a new online system to anonymously report and document “microaggressions” that they experience if the student government has its way.

According to sponsors of the bill calling for the creation of a system, which passed the Student Government Association, the school currently lacks an efficient system to report microaggressions.

Class of 2018 Senator Angela Pradhan, who sponsored the bill, told The Ithacan that, “[i]f there was a concrete way to document [microaggressions] online, it would provide students a way to kind of state what’s going on.”

Kyle James, vice president of communications and co-sponsor of the bill, also talked to Campus Reform about the intention behind the bill. As he explained, the primary reason for the creation of the online system is to provide students with a platform to safely report microaggressions.

“There was a widespread agreement that there needs to be some kind of reporting system on campus where students can feel safe to report these micro aggressions actions against them… just so that these micro aggressions can be out in the light and kind of addressed,” James said.

“That’s really the end goal— that professors and other faculty and staff and other students realize that what they’re doing, the stuff they’re saying really...has an impact,” he added.

James stated that the anonymity of the students using the system would be carefully protected.

Pradhan explained that the system would also look at demographics of both the students reporting microaggressions and the students accused of committing them.  The system would note the gender, race, age and school within the college and year of both the person reporting the microaggression and the person being reported.

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