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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Georgetown University tries to censor OFF-CAMPUS conservative event

Universities Embrace Big Brother
Think what we tell you to think.  
Only watch what we tell you to watch.

(The Daily Caller)  -  Officials at Georgetown University are putting pressure on an off-campus group to edit an April 17 lecture posted on YouTube because parts of the video show the militant feminist student protestors and other students, according to the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

The Luce Lecture series video shows a lecture by resident American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers entitled “What’s Right (and Badly Wrong) with Feminism?” The Luce Policy Institute and the Georgetown College Republicans organized the lecture.

One of the militant feminist students described Sommers as “an extremist anti-feminist speaker that dismisses and denies survivors of sexual assault and the real harm of rape culture.

A handful of feminist students demanded “trigger warnings” prior to the speech by Sommers, another feminist.

Lauren Gagliardi, Georgetown’s assistant director for the center for student engagement, informed the campus College Republicans via email that the school would “step in” if Luce, an independent conservative women’s organization, refuses to edit the YouTube video. […]

“Our response is that we will not edit the tape,” Luce Lecture director Laurel Conrad told TheDC. “While many universities are accustomed to bullying students until they bend to a leftwing point of view, a conservative women’s organization named after the courageous Clare Boothe Luce is not impressed or moved by such bullying.” […]

“We are very surprised to learn about this demand,” Conrad added. “It was clearly a public event and the camera was in plain view. It should be a shock to no one that they were on camera. As protesters, you would figure their whole mission was to get attention.”

Conrad said she believes the students or Georgetown’s administration “must be embarrassed by what happened and how dumb they looked.”

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