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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Assyrian Militias Respond to Muslim Genocide of Christians

Assyrians troops preparing to take back Nineveh from ISIS.
(Catholic Herald)

“This is our last stand, if this fails then Christianity will be finished in Iraq.

Assyrian Christian Militia

(Catholic Herald)  -  Christians in Iraq have formed a militia to take back their Nineveh Plains homeland from ISIS.
The organisation, the Nineveh Plains Protection Units, has more than 3,000 troops serving or awaiting training, and has the backing of the Iraqi Government and the Kurdish Peshmerga.
The force has 500 Assyrian Christian troops stationed in towns such as Alqosh in the Nineveh Plains to defend them from ISIS, with a further 500 being trained and another 3,000 men registered and awaiting training. Their aim is to take back the rest of the Nineveh Plains, a traditionally Christian part of Iraq, which was overrun by ISIS last summer. More than 100,000 Christians are currently displaced in the nearby Kurdish-controlled region of northern Iraq, along with a large number of Yazidis.
The Assyrian forces are allied to the Iraqi Army and Kurds but do not take orders from either, and their aim is to establish an administrate area for the Assyrians and Yazidis, as well as other minorities such as Shabaks and Mandeans.
The group are funded by members of the Assyrian diaspora, which is mainly concentrated in the United States, Australia and Sweden, and they are being trained by an American security company. However they are short of funds.
There are around 5,000 people of Assyrian descent in Britain, many of whom were given citizenship on account of their fathers and grandfathers’ service in the Assyrian Levies, who fought alongside the British in the First and Second World War.
British-Assyrians are currently awaiting a response from the Foreign Office on whether it is legal or not to financially support the group.
John Michael, a British-Assyrian, said: “This is our last stand, if this fails then Christianity will be finished in Iraq.
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Westerners join Iraqi Christian militia to fight ISIS


The Religion of Peace
Christian Greeks, Assyrians and Armenians have 
been slaughtered by Islam for centuries.

The Christian Assyrians suffered a number of religiously and ethnically motivated massacres throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries AD, culminating in the large scale Hamidian massacres of unarmed men, women and children by Muslim Turks and Kurds in the late 19th century, which further greatly reduced numbers, particularly in southeastern Turkey.

The Assyrians suffered a further catastrophic series of massacres known as the Assyrian Genocide, at the hands of the Ottomans and their Kurdish and Arab allies from 1915–1918. 

The genocide (committed in conjunction with the Armenian Genocide and Greek Genocide) accounted for up to 300,000 unarmed Assyrian civilians, and the forced deportations of many more. The sizeable Assyrian presence in south eastern Asia Minor which had endured for over four millennia was reduced to a few thousand. 

As a consequence, the surviving Assyrians took up arms, and an Assyrian war of independence was fought during World War I, For a time, the Assyrians fought successfully against overwhelming numbers, scoring a number of victories over the Ottomans and Kurds, and also hostile Arab and Iranian groups; then their Russian allies left the war following the Russian Revolution, and Armenian resistance broke. 

The Assyrians were left cut off, surrounded, and without supplies, forcing those in Asia Minor and Northwest Iran to fight their way, with civilians in tow, to the safety of British lines and their fellow Assyrians in northern Iraq.

The 1918 Muslim Genocide Against Christians
These Assyrians were assembled into one caravansary, and shot to death by guns and revolvers. Blood literally flowed in little streams, and the entire open space within the caravansary became a pool of crimson liquid. The place was too small to hold all the living victims waiting for execution. They were brought in groups, and each new group was compelled to stand over the heap of the still bleeding bodies and shot to death. The fearful place became literally a human slaughter house, receiving its speechless victims, in groups of ten and twenty at a time, for execution.
The executioners began by cutting first the fingers of their victims, join by joint, till the two hands were entirely amputated. Then they were stretched on the ground, after the manner of the animals that are slain in the Fast, but these with their faces turned upward, and their heads resting upon the stones or blocks of wood Then their throats were half cut, so as to prolong their torture of dying, and while struggling in the agony of death, the victims were kicked and clubbed by heavy poles the murderers carried Many of them, while still laboring under the pain of death, were thrown into ditches and buried before their souls had expired.

The young men and the able-bodied men were separated from among the very young and the old. They were taken some distance from the city and used as targets by the shooters. They all fell, a few not mortally wounded. One of the leaders went to the heaps of the fallen and shouted aloud, swearing by the names of Islam's prophets that those who had not received mortal wounds should rise and depart, as they would not be harmed any more. A few, thus deceived, stood up, but only to fall this time killed by another volley from the guns of the murderers.

Some of the younger and good looking women, together with a few little girls of attractive appearance, pleaded to be killed. Against their will were forced into Islam's harems. Others were subjected to such fiendish insults that I cannot possibly describe. Death, however, came to their rescue and saved them from the vile passions of the demons. The death toll of Assyrians totaled 2,770 men, women and children.

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An Assyrian volunteer stands guard in the Christian city
of Al Qosh, Iraq. Photo credit – Jeff Gardner

Assyrian Christian Militia
Recent estimates from CAPNI, the largest Christian relief organization in northern Iraq, put the number of Christians as low as 300,000.  Over 1.5 million lived in the area before George Bush crushed the Baathist government that was protecting Christians from Muslim terrorism.

The Assyrian militia Dwekh Nawsha in Iraq created August, 2014.

ISIS Blows Up St. Mary’s Christian Church for Easter

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