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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Internet Poverty - 60,000 Travel Agents Lose Their Jobs, Are You Next?

The "Evil" Internet Gnome Brings Poverty.

Welcome to Eternal Poverty

  • Year 2000  -  There were 124,000 full-time travel agents in a U.S. with a population of 281 million people.
  • Year 2014  -  The Internet reduced full-time travel agents down to 64,000 while the U.S. population grew to 320 million.
  • The Internet, robotics, computers and outsourcing are abolishing jobs by the millions.  Meanwhile the political hacks import millions of brand new legal and illegal workers to compete against American citizens for the few jobs that are left.

(Pittsburgh Post Gazette)  -  Bill Katz’s Squirrel Hill home is adorned with mementos from his travels: a silk screen from China in the living room, a painting from Mexico in the television room and the beloved collection of elephant statuettes assembled by his wife, Phyllis. After 54 years running Pittsburgh travel agency Atlas Travel, Mr. Katz can tell you a little bit about a lot of places and how to get where you need to go.
At one time Atlas Travel had offices in Erie, Greensburg, Steubenville and Ross, in addition to the main office in the former Kaufmann’s building Downtown.
Mr. Katz downsized over the past several years, deciding the hours spent driving between the five offices was too much. He focused primarily on his main office Downtown. Then, after some health problems last year, he streamlined further, moving operations to his home office.
Bill Katz owned five travel agency offices in Pennsylvania.
The Internet forced them all to close.  Now he works
alone out of a home office.
He’s not the only travel agent to go with a streamlined approach to operations, according to the Alexandria, Va.-based American Society of Travel Agents.
Telecommuting and “virtual” agencies have become a trend in the travel industry, according to ASTA spokeswoman Melissa Teates, with about 40,000 currently operating as one-person shops. Some agents go digital for cost savings, but others run their businesses online while traveling themselves to keep up with the latest in destinations in real time.
No question the travel industry has undergone a lot of changes since Mr. Katz opened his first office in 1960.
Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show a steady decline in the number of agents since 2000, when there were more than 124,000 working full-time. As of 2014, there were just over 64,000 full-time travel agents in the U.S.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of travel agents will continue to decline by about 12 percent through 2022, with those agents who specialize in a niche of the industry likely to fare the best.
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Automation - Human workers are not needed.

It's Back To The Future
The poverty of the 1930s Great Depression is coming back.  The moronic politicians and TV talking heads blunder forward thinking the future will look like the past, and they talk about new jobs and economic recovery.
Those of us still able to think for ourselves see the writing on the wall.  Technology, robotics, the Internet and outsourcing are permanently abolishing jobs by the millions.  At some point the consumer economy will collapse as people with jobs to buy products simply vanish.

The successful political party of the future will run on a "Jobs for Humans" platform.  It will be a  return of the Luddites as millions of people permanently made unemployable by machines demand help just to live.

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