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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Muslim threatens to behead UKIP candidate for Parliament

David Robinson-Young is standing for Newcastle East

Chop - Chop says the Repigion of Peace
  • A man has been charged in connection with an alleged threat to behead a UKIP candidate in Newcastle.  Aftab Ahmed has been charged with threats to kill after David Robinson-Young claimed he received a phone call from a constituent complaining about the Middle East.
  • And the deliberate importation of Muslims goes on and on.

(The UK Express)  -  David Robinson-Young, an ex police officer, received the call from a man “ranting” about the British government bombing Muslim countries.
Northumbria Police are investigating the angry phone exchange, which went on for 20 minutes and was made by a man calling himself Mr Khan.
Mr Khan is claimed to have said he lived in Newcastle upon Tyne East - the seat Mr Robinson-Young is campaigning for in the General Election.
Mr Robinson-Young said the phone call was “chilling” in light of recent terror attacks.
The Ukip candidate said:"He said the Muslim community is really annoyed with the British government supporting bombing Muslim countries and that the community here just wants to get on with their family lives."
After 20 minutes of "ranting", Mr Robinson-Young said he warned he would end the call.
He said: "Mr Khan then swore at me saying, 'you had better f*** off or you will be beheaded next'.
"After the terrible Lee Rigby incident I am very concerned about this threat, particularly at this time in an election campaign."
Mr Robinson Young said the caller said he phoned the Ukip office after receiving one of the party's leaflets.
He added: "I'm not a man who is easily intimidated, I'm an ex-policeman and I've been subjected to numerous physical threats in the past. I left the police service because of injuries received in an assault on duty.
"I found this man's threats to be particularly chilling and it has really shaken me. However I will not let this incident prevent me from continuing in the campaign to try and change our country for the better."
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Warning to American Readers
Please do not be frightened of the ballot below for the upcoming British elections which features seven political parties for voters to select from.  In the rest of the world this is called free elections.
Meanwhile back in the U.S. voters are force-fed a phony "choice" of only two corrupt Washington D.C. / Wall Street funded parties.  Maybe we should try free elections in the United States.

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