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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gov't Approved Media Only - National Guard Blocks Infowars Reporters From Covering Dirty Bomb Exercise

Lap-Dog Media Only Please

  • Big Government is frightened to death of a free and uncontrolled Internet news media.  Now we see the National Guard denying press credentials to media outlets that dare to report news that has not been cleared by Big Brother.
  • In this case the military attacks Infowars News for spreading information that is "inflammatory in nature."  Translation  -  Printing news that you think is true rather than the government's version of events.

(Infowars News)  -  The California National Guard has blocked Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson from attending a dirty bomb exercise set to take place tomorrow in Richmond, with one official citing the “nature” of their work as the reason.

In an email to Joe Biggs, Capt. Will Martin, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at the California Military Department, made clear that Biggs and Jackson would be refused access due to the content of their previous reporting.

“Upon reviewing your body of work, the California Military Department has chosen to decline you and Jakari Jackson media access to the emergency-response exercise involving the California National Guard on April 11, 2015, in Richmond, California,” states the email.

“The nature of your work and the media programs in which you regularly participate (e.g. The Alex Jones Show) are consistently conspiratorial and inflammatory in nature. Therefore, we hold little confidence that granting you access to the exercise would result in a fair and responsible report for your audience.”

Martin is essentially saying that only media outlets who put a positive spin on the exercise or who regurgitate National Guard talking points will be allowed to cover the drill.

It’s not the National Guard’s place to decide what constitutes a “fair and responsible” report on their activities. America is supposed to have something called the First Amendment and freedom of the press. The U.S. military does not have control over the Fourth Estate.

The Guard’s refusal to allow Infowars to report on the exercise will only prompt further skepticism as to why they’re so afraid of the dirty bomb drill being covered by independent media.

The exercise will include, “more than 200 soldiers, airmen, local law enforcement and firefighting personnel” who “will descend upon the city in order to defuse the situation,” reports the Richmond Standard.

The drill will also involve the California National Guard’s 49th Military Police Brigade, which is home to FEMA’s Region IX Homeland Response Force (HRF). 

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Internet Freedom of the Press.
The powerful and corrupt Ruling Elites hate a free press with a deep and seething hate.  That is why through advertising spending, insider corporate ownership and deals they have effectively neutered the press.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.
But along comes Internet and Blogger news sites that can spread unfiltered stories around the world in 24 hours.  The Elites are frightened because these citizen journalists now own their own Internet printing press and cannot be bought and paid for.
The Federalist Blog, like many others, is non-profit.  You cannot buy me off. . . . well, let's not go that far.  I would like my own Caribbean island.  But barring that, those of us who believe in freedom will not back down from speaking out.

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