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Friday, April 17, 2015

What the Hell Are We Doing in Yemen?

Well, if we are not wanted . . . 

  • Webster's Dictionary - American Political Narcissism  -  The excessive or erotic interest in oneself and the belief that everything thing on earth revolves around the United States.  Synonymsvanity, self-love, self-admiration, self-absorption, self-obsession.
  • Shocking news, the world managed to exist for 10,000 years before the U.S. was created.  Not everything is or should be our business.  Sometime people need to solve their own problems.

(From Reason)  -  The U.S. government has charged into another civil war in the Middle East. When you find yourself repeatedly asking, “Will they ever learn?” the answer may be that the decision-makers have no incentive to do things differently. What looks like failure may be the intended outcome. Quagmires have their benefits—to the ruling elite—if American casualties are minimized.

The Obama administration is assisting Saudi Arabia in its bombing of Yemen, creating—in concert with the Saudi embargo—a humanitarian catastrophe in the Middle East’s poorest country. Civilians are dying, and what infrastructure the country has is being destroyed.

Why? Secretary of State John Kerry says the United States won’t "stand by while the region is destabilized." Kerry is a veteran, and presumably a student, of America’s Indochina war. So he must know that bombing is a terrible way to prevent destabilization. Kerry isn’t stupid—but that means he’s a liar and a demagogue.

North Yemen (in orange) and Marxist People's Democratic Republic
South Yemen (in blue) before joining together in 1990.  Pardon me
if I can't get worked up about the "territorial integrity" of a nation
that never even existed before 1990.

Note that he says "the region," not "Yemen." Why would a civil war in Yemen affect the region? Because according to the official narrative, faithfully carried by most of the news media, Yemen is under siege by agents of Iran, the Houthis.

Iran today serves the same purpose the Soviet Union, or the International Communist Conspiracy, served from the end of World War II until 1989-91, when the Soviet empire collapsed. Iran is the all-purpose arch enemy on which virtually any evil can be blamed. So the war party and its Saudi and Israeli allies tell us every day that Iran is on the march, controlling capitals throughout the Middle East: Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, and now Sana’a.

But this is absurd. Iran is not on the march. George W. Bush knowingly delivered Baghdad to Iran-friendly Iraqi Shiites in 2003. The Assad regime in Syria is a long-time Iranian ally that Obama and his first secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, declared open season on, emboldening al-Qaeda and its more-virulent mutation, ISIS. Iran’s friend in Lebanon, the political party Hezbollah, formed itself in response to Israel’s 1982 invasion and long occupation.

None of these demonstrate an aggressive Iran.

And what of Yemen, where the Houthis drove out the U.S.-backed autocratic president while also fighting declared enemies of the United States, Sunni al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Yemeni affiliate of ISIS?

Yes, the Houthis practice a kind of Shiite Islam, Zaidi, but it differs importantly from Iranian Shiism. In fact, the Houthis are merely the latest manifestation of a long-oppressed Yemeni religious minority seeking autonomy from the central government. After years of being frustrated, lied to, and double-crossed, it finally moved on that government. Say what you will about the group, but don’t call it an agent of Iran.

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We American did not want anyone taking sides in our civil war.
So why are we getting involved in other people's religious civil wars? 

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