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Monday, April 27, 2015

Hamas gaining traction in Europe

The Religion Of Peace™

  • And the deliberate importation of Muslims into the West goes on and on.

(Jerusalem Post)  -  The 13th Palestinians in Europe Conference on Saturday once again catapulted Hamas’s activities into the spotlight.

The organizers of the event – the London-based Palestinian Return Center and the Palestinian Community in Germany –have ties to Hamas, according to Berlin’s domestic intelligence agency. An estimated 3,000 people pre-registered for the event. Some 200 protesters from the “Berlin against Hamas” campaign demonstrated against the conference, Radio Berlin-Brandenburg reported on Saturday.

Dilek Kolat, a Berlin state senator from the Social Democrats who holds the Integration portfolio, attacked the conference for not distancing itself from the goal of eliminating Israel. “That is intolerable and unacceptable here in Berlin,” she said.

The conference logo shows a map of the Middle East without Israel, and the organizers call for the “right of return” of all Palestinians to Israel.

Ahead of the conference, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Jerusalem Post, “We raised this matter with the German ambassador to the US. This is no mere academic exercise. It is about legitimizing those committed in word and deed to the destruction of world’s largest Jewish community, the over 6 million Jewish citizens of the State of Israel. Allowing this conference to go forward in Berlin at this time will further embolden anti-Israel extremists in Germany and further legitimize the demonization of Jews and all other supporters of Israel.”

Yasin Aktay, the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party)’s deputy chairman for foreign affairs, was listed as a guest. It was unclear if he attended. Turkey has provided a base for Hamas operatives to organize terrorist attacks against Israel.

The conference comes after a legal fight over removing Hamas from the European Union’s terrorist list.

In December, the EU’s General Court ruled that Hamas had been classified as a terrorist organization based on inadmissible non-expert media reports, instead of “decisions of competent authorities.”

Hamas remains on the list while an appeal is filed.

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