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Thursday, April 30, 2015

ACLU: Drone Surveillance ‘Not Consistent With Our Nation’s Traditions’

The Bipartisan Police State

  • Democrats  -  The Left praises the ACLU while working with the Right to fully fund the unconstitutional 1984 Police Surveillance State.
  • Republicans  -  The Right criticizes the ACLU while working with the Left to fully fund the unconstitutional 1984 Police Surveillance State.
  • Meanwhile the ACLU is in court fighting against both parties and for the 4th Amendment.

(CNSNews.com) - An American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) senior policy analyst was critical of drone surveillance at a Center for Strategic and International Studies event in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, saying that drone surveillance is “not consistent with our nation’s traditions.”
The event, titled “U.S. Civil Drone Policy,” focused on policy strategies to manage commercial, public and private unmanned aerial systems (UAS), otherwise known as drones, in U.S. airspace while supporting innovation and protecting privacy and personal freedom.
Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst focusing on speech, privacy and technology at the ACLU, said that “ACLU’s primary concern when it comes to drones is that they not to be used for mass suspicion and surveillance of U.S. populations.”
“Drones are a very powerful potential surveillance technology. There are technologies out there that create persistent surveillance of entire towns, neighborhoods and cities with a single camera, ultra-high resolution camera,” said Stanley.
“The kind of tracking that can be done with that kind of technology is a very serious privacy problem when people know everywhere that you go they know a lot about you. They know where you work and where you live, but also what friends and lovers you might be visiting at what hours, what kinds of religious, political, sexually oriented establishments or meetings you might be going to and many other things about you,” he said.
“So that is our primary concern around drones, and we called for regulation of police and government use of drones to ensure that they don’t become used for mass surveillance,” Stanley added. “Unfortunately, we have a long record of law enforcement giving into temptation to collect everything all the time about everybody just in case somebody engages in wrongdoing. We believe that’s not consistent with our nation’s traditions.
“The government does not look over your shoulder without a particular suspicion that you are doing something wrong. It doesn’t watch you just because you might be able to do something wrong,” Stanley said.
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NSA Architect Blows Surveillance State Wide Open

William Binney, a legendary NSA mathematician developed the revolutionary logic and architecture that is now used to spy on everybody in the world. When the NSA decided to use his programs on US citizens he became one of the biggest whistleblowers in the history of the NSA. He started the debate and the avalanche of understanding in regards to illegal surveillance, and is revealing inside knowledge on some of the biggest government secrets to date.

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