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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conservatives running scared on immigration

Former Conservative Parliamentary candidate Mike Whitehead tearing
up his old party's election literature.
 (Hull Daily Mail) 

Conservative MP candidate defects to UKIP

  • The open borders "Conservative" Party in Britain is frightened to death of the anti-immigration UK Independence Party.  UKIP shows "Conservatives" for what they really are - tools of big business wanting to flood the market with cheap labor.
  • Meanwhile back in the USA, the open borders GOP has no fear of voters concerned about jobs and immigration because there is a two-party monopoly.  No matter which party wins in U.S. elections an open borders party wins.

(Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron tried on Monday to heal a split on the right of British politics that threatens his re-election, urging voters defecting for the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) to "come back home".

Speaking after one of his election candidates announced he was switching to UKIP ahead of a May 7 election, Cameron appealed to Conservative voters who had done the same to return to the fold.

"We've heard the message loud and clear about the things you want changed and we'll change those things," Cameron told an audience in Bristol. "But on the key choice about who has got the right team ... come with us, come back home."

UKIP took first place in European elections in Britain and poached two of Cameron's MPs last year.

Standing for Secure Borders
Mike Whitehead with his new UKIP supporters.
Many political parties on their ballot for voters to select
from. Maybe we should try election freedom in America.

Cameron was speaking after Mike Whitehead, until last week the Conservative candidate for the seat of Hull West in northern England, said he was switching to UKIP after a power struggle with local Conservatives.

His defection was a morale boost for UKIP, whose support in some opinion polls has dipped after a series of racism and sexism scandals.

UKIP, which wants a British withdrawal from the EU and lower immigration, hailed the switch as a "hammer blow" to the Conservatives, who said they had sacked Whitehead last week over an internal party disagreement.

The defection is unlikely to cause a political upset, however, as the area is comfortably held by Labour.

Seeking to cast itself as a challenger to Cameron's party in southern England and to Labour in northern England, UKIP said Whitehead's defection proved its strategy was working.

"His move to UKIP just underlines that today, the real party of opposition to Labour in the North is UKIP," said Nigel Farage, UKIP's leader.

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UKIP Election Broadcast

Economy driving people towards Ukip | Channel 4 News

Standing up for the UKIP

(Hull Daily Mail)  -  A SHOPKEEPER has been unveiled as UKIP's candidate for Hull North in the upcoming general election.
Sergi Singh is the vice-chairman of the party's Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire branch and stood unsuccessfully as a councillor for the Holderness ward last year.
As the owner of Jackpot Wines in Chamberlain Road, east Hull, Mr Singh has been a prominent member of the small business community for several years.
Now, Mr Singh has the Hull North seat in his sights, which Labour's Diana Johnson has held since 2005.
He said: "I am not a career politician. I am just an ordinary person, but I don't think the people of North Hull are being listened to and I think they feel it is time for a change.
"I want to offer the people of Hull North a referendum on Europe and we are the only party committed to doing that."
Speaking outside the office of UKIP MEP Jane Collins, the businessman said he was proud to be a member of a party, which, he claims, is not elitist.
Mr Singh said: "UKIP is the party of the working class.
"Most of the MPs sitting in parliament don't know what it is like to work for a living or how to take the bus."
Mr Singh unveiled his personalised "battle bus" surrounded by about a dozen wannabe UKIP councillors.
As the only non-white election candidate of the group, Mr Singh agreed he does not conform to UKIP stereotypes, but he believes the party is misunderstood.
He said: "The idea that UKIP is a racist party is complete nonsense. I was voted to stand for MP in North Hull by the local UKIP branch and I have never had any negative experiences with anyone in the party."
Mr Singh insisted the party's negative reputation in the media was not a fair reflection of reality.
He said: "There are all sorts of different people in the party from different backgrounds, but everyone gets along very well.
"We are like a chocolate bar, you have the wafer bit, the caramel bit and the chocolate bit. It's a mix of all these different things and it tastes really good."

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Mike Hookem MEP, left, with Sergi Singh, the Hull North candidate for UKIP at their headquarters in Newport. Picture: Simon Renilson

Read more: Hull Daily Mail 

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