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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marco Rubio - The Republican Savior

Rubio - Walker
Walker - Rubio
The only combination that works in the electoral college

By Gary;

Florida.  Nuff said.

Ignore the BS and hot air.  All of the campaigning boils down to which party wins Florida.  In the last six Presidential election the Democrats carried Florida three times.  If the GOP does not win Florida then the election is over.

In 2012 the Republicans proved their stupidity and ignored the electoral college.  They nominated Mitt Romney of Massachusetts who could not even carry his home state thus putting the GOP in a deep hole.

The Northeast and California are probably lost to the Republicans.  That leaves Florida and the Great Lakes States as the battle ground.

Texas is going to vote GOP no matter what.  So Ted Cruz brings nothing to the electoral collage table, while Florida's Jeb Bush is a big government loving joke of a candidate.

That brings us to Rubio.  Though somewhat weak on immigration, Marco is more Conservative than Bush.  His home state and immigrant success story background gives the GOP the image it needs to appeal to open minded voters who went Democrat in past elections.

Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker has proven he has a backbone of steel.  As a strong regional candidate perhaps he could bring in the Great Lakes States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.

The GOP cannot afford to ignore the electoral college again and hand yet another national election to the Democrats.

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