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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Obama targets Texas to re-settle Muslim Syrians

"Give me Texas BBQ or I will cut off your head."

Obama to import 60,000 Muslims

  • And keep in mind that the open borders GOP Congress fully funds all these programs to import endless waves of Muslims and non-Muslims so their Masters on Wall Street can drive down the wages of American citizens.

(Pamela Gellar.com)  -  The FBI admits they cannot properly screen the Syrians while the US State Department is telling the media that 10,000 will be here soon. Syria, home of the Islamic State.
Al hijrah, jihad by immigration.
And while the genocide of Christians is ongoing in Syria, over 90% of the Syrians being brought to America are Muslims. It’s a catastrophe. The top five states targeted for Syrian Muslim resettlement are California, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas.
Meanwhile, dozens of American jihadis who fought in the war in Iraq and Syria have returned to the United States equipped with the training they used fighting either for or against ISIS, according to one federal official.
Maybe the State Department can reunite these two very similar Muslim groups.
First Syrians arrive in North Texas,” by Ann Corcoran, RRW, on April 11, 2015
If you haven’t already, you will be seeing more warm and fuzzy stories like this one in your states as the Syrian refugees begin to arrive.  We have taken in 682 so far.  See my post of last Saturday and see which states they went to.

As the FBI says they cannot properly screen Syrians, the US State Department seems to be still telling the media that 10,000 will be here soon. 

The contractors want 65,000 by the end of 2016!
From WFAA (Dallas) which implies only a handful have arrived in Texas, however, Texas has received at least 86 so far and as the top resettlement state in the nation, it will receive the most Syrians.

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