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Sunday, April 19, 2015

U.S. and Nigeria are the Only Nations with Two Parties

Maybe the U.S. Should Try Democracy

  • I can select from ten different cell phone companies, but at election time I am forced to choose one of two leftist big government loving parties.  The voters have no choices and the SOBs in Washington know it and have contempt for their voters.  
  • We need to demand meaningful election reform today.

(Ballot Access News)  -  Among the fifty most populous nations in the world, the only two countries in which only two political parties are represented in the nation’s legislative lower house are the United States and Nigeria.

If “two-party system” is defined to mean a nation with only two parties represented in the national legislature, then it is clear that the “two-party system” has been rejected by governments and voters all over the world.

Among the fifty most populous countries, only one country bans all political parties and holds no legislative elections whatsoever: Saudi Arabia. Only one of the fifty most populous countries has non-partisan elections for the national legislature: Iran. Although political parties, both legal and illegal, exist in Iran, the election system is non-partisan.

Two countries ban all political parties except the ruling party: China and Vietnam. The May 1 2015 printed Ballot Access News will have a chart showing the number of parties represented in each country’s lower legislative body, although the chart will only include the 50 most populous countries.

The Australian Senate
Free Elections - What a concept
The Senate in Australia is made up of 10 different political parties.  The people have real and meaningful choices.
While under the corrupt American election system the same two special interest funded and controlled parties "magically" win 100% of all elections.
The big government loving Democrats and Republicans have no fear of the average voter because they know the public has no real choices on their ballot.  Unless the election system is reformed to allow truly competative elections we are doomed to be ruled over by a corrupt Washington D.C. based oligarchy.

Australian Senate

Parties in the Australian Senate

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