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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Muslim "migrant" anally rapes 13 year old girl; gets 2 months in jail

You will be called a "racist" for daring to protect your women from foreign rapists

(Infowars)  -  A Swedish court sentenced a Muslim migrant to only two months in jail after being convicted of anally raping a 13-year-old girl.

The court also ordered Mohammed to pay the equivalent of $2800 to the victim and also gave him probation, claiming his sentences for child rape and sexual exploitation should be lenient because the Syrian migrant claimed he was 17 when the rape occurred in Dec. 2016 at a school in Jämtland County, which is in the middle of Sweden.

“The then-17-year-old man, who since turned 18, pulled a 13-year-old girl on one of the school’s toilets, locked the door and then raped her,” reported the Swedish newspaper Expressen.  “During the trial, the convicted rapist’s age has been a major issue.”

The Rape of Sweden
Words of wisdom from Pat Condell

“His personal shows that he was born in 1998, and was 18 years old when the crimes were committed, but by his own admission he was born in 1999.”

In other words, the Swedish court somehow accepted “Syrian papers” Mohammed presented claiming he was 17, despite Swedish documents showing he was 18 when he entered the country.

Mohammed was also charged with another rape of a 14-year-old under similar circumstances, but the District Court claimed it was child abuse, not rape, because of the “degree of reciprocity.”

Interestingly, it seems none of the Swedish media outlets reporting the crime have published English-language versions of their articles, meaning the rapes will go underreported globally – and President Trump recently said that migrant crimes, especially terrorist attacks, were being underreported by the mainstream media.

Of course, the establishment-controlled Associated Press published a “fact check” article blasting Trump’s statement, claiming it was an “unsupported assertion.”

But two Swedish police officers have publicly revealed that authorities are covering up a migrant crime wave in Sweden, which is now one of the top – if not the top – rape centers of the world.

And in 2015 German media was caught covering up rapes committed by Muslim migrants.

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