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Friday, February 17, 2017

Teacher Lost $100 Bet Because Trump Wasn't Murdered

The Madness of Leftists

  • There has been a seismic shift in American society with the Left openly shutting down free speech and openly advocating the assassination of the President.
  • Of special interest is the near total silence of both the Democrats and Republicans.

(Town Hall)  -  I received a rather disturbing report of yet another case of Trump Derangement Syndrome -- this time from a high school in Camarillo, California.

Jane Germaine said her son's English teacher at Rancho Campana High School told the class that she lost a $100 bet because President Donald Trump had not been shot on Inauguration Day.

Mrs. Germaine tells me the teacher's remarks were troubling.

"A public school teacher using classroom time to share with students how she lost a bet because the president was not shot on Inauguration Day is beyond reprehensible to me and I do not see how the school district does not find this troubling as well," she told me.

And it turned out not to be the first time she's heard about teachers at the high school making politically-charged statements in the classroom.

"Teachers telling students that Trump hates women, Fox News is 'fake' news, it's raining so much in Southern California these days because Trump is president, a teacher telling students she is estranged from certain family members because they are conservative - I could go on and on," she said.

"How is a 15 or 16-year-old supposed to process what this means, especially if their family is conservative, approves of Trump and watches Fox News," she wondered.

The assassination crack was the last straw. So Mrs. Germaine filed a complaint with the school district.

"My husband and I feel that our concerns have been completely dismissed by the school and the school district and they are just hoping that we forget about this and go away," she said.

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