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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The warmonger politicians lie about Russia

Russian Soldiers

Lies, More Lies and Bullshit
The bipartisan Republicrat politicians beat the war drums against Russia to distract the voters

By Gary;

"The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming" screams the bipartisan alliance of warmongers in Congress.

Why?  It is certainly not the military power of Russia.

The Russian military is a shrunken, shriveled shell of the old Soviet Union.

The Soviets (see chart below) had an army of 2.4 million.

The Russian Army (see chart below) of today is only 230,000 men plus 45,000 paratroopers.  Simply the army of Turkey is larger than Russia's.

Russia a threat to Europe? I am more worried about Islamist Turkey that Christian Russia.

Certainly as a nuclear power Russia should and must be respected. Ronald Reagan had no problems working with the Soviets to reduce nukes. But our current crop of warmonger Republicrats just can't wait to bring war to Russian's borders.

Sure Russia took back the Crimea. To that a big "so what" from me. Crimea has been Russian for centuries and speaks Russian. The same goes for western Ukraine - it was Russian and speaks Russian. A few adjustments in the artificially created national borders mostly solves the problem.

The political warmongering by the Oligarchs of Congress is about distracting the voters. They try to create a foreign devil to hate so the voters don't notice open borders, jobs being shipped to Asia and increasing poverty.

Let's embrace the revived Christian Russia as a possible friend and an ally against Islamic terror. If Putin screws with us there is plenty of time to get tough.

Soviet Army

Russian Paratroopers

Russian Army

Soviet vs Russian Navy
The story is the same for the navy. The Soviet Navy had 1,053 ships and 1,172 aircraft.
The Russian Navy has 271 ships and 359 aircraft.
A threat to the world? No.

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