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Friday, February 3, 2017

John McCain demands war with Russia

Warmongers of the Right & Left Unite

  • The insane Military-Industrial Complex has gathered their lackeys to urge President Trump to go to war with Russia in Europe.
  • There is no corner of the world that the Military-Industrial Complex does not want to control. 

(Reuters)  -  Russia is testing President Donald Trump with a surge of violence in eastern Ukraine and the U.S. president should give Ukraine the lethal aid it needs to defend against the attacks, Senator John McCain said in a letter to Trump on Thursday.

Renewed violence flared this week between Moscow-backed rebels and Ukraine government forces that has caused the highest casualty rate since mid-December and cut off power and water to thousands of civilians on both sides of the frontline.

"That this surge of attacks began the day after he talked with you by phone is a clear indication that Vladimir Putin is moving quickly to test you as commander in chief. America’s response will have lasting consequences," McCain said in a letter to Trump released by his office.

The artificially created nation of Ukraine is split by language
and culture. The nation called "Ukraine" has never existed
in thousands of years of history, but our liar politicians
demand that we must protect their borders while
leaving America's borders wide, wide open.

Catherine the Great
Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias
(r. 1762 to 1796)
Catherine made Ukraine & Crimea part of Russia
the U.S. even existed as a nation.

Washington has supplied aid to Ukraine including drones, radar, first-aid kits, night vision and communications gear as part Democratic President Barack Obama's strategy of providing non-lethal military assistance while focusing on sanctions and diplomacy to end the war.

McCain urged Trump to use his authority under an existing defense policy law to provide lethal assistance to Ukraine.

"Vladimir Putin’s violent campaign to destabilize and dismember the sovereign nation of Ukraine will not stop unless and until he meets a strong and determined response," McCain wrote.

McCain also urged Trump to expand current sanctions against Russia that were put in place after its annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region in 2014.

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he would work with McCain and other senators to codify the existing sanctions into law.

"It is incumbent upon the Senate to clearly express its support for the sovereignty of Ukrainian and solidarity with our close allies in Europe," he said.

Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House of Representatives, also cautioned the Trump administration on Thursday against easing sanctions on Moscow, saying such a move would be "staggeringly dangerous."

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Rebel Soldiers Hold the Buffer Zone

The All-Girl Soldier Club: Child Warriors of Donetsk

Bright eyed ethnic Russian youth in Ukraine train to help Mother Russia.  These conflicts are far from the black and white issues the politicians like to go on about.

Screenshot from the Vice News video above. 
Americans and their politicians do not have a clue that other people just might have a different view of the world.  In this case a Russian rebel who was interviewed says he must fight the American evil in the Ukraine to protect his home.
It does not matter if the rebel is right or wrong.  What matters is he thinks he is right.  Smart American policy needs to take the legitimate views of others into policy making and avoid a wider war.
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Foreign Soldiers Fight for Russia in the Ukraine

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