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Monday, February 20, 2017

Muslim London Mayor, deny ‘cruel’ Trump state visit

Muslim immigration has Britain circling the drain 

(RT News)  -  The UK should not be “rolling out the red carpet” for the US President due to his “cruel and shameful” policies targeting Muslims and migrants, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said ahead of Parliament’s debate on Donald Trump’s planned trip this summer.

“I love America, I love Americans and I believe the special relationship is a good one and one that’s here to stay. But when you’re mates with somebody, when you’ve got a special relationship, of course you are side-by-side with them in times of adversity but when they are wrong you call them out,” said Khan, who is the first ethnic minority and Muslim mayor of London, on ITV’s political discussion program Peston on Sunday.
“I think this ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries, ending the refugee program is cruel and it’s shameful. In those circumstances we shouldn’t be rolling out the red carpet,” he continued.
Khan’s statement comes a day before British lawmakers debate an online petition urging a downgrade of Trump’s UK visit. The appeal states that Trump should be allowed to “enter the UK,” but “should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.” 
Anti-Trump protesters are expected to gather outside Parliament during the debate on Monday.
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Anonymous said...

master conspiracy
all puppets of the masters puppeteers

Trump a hired stooge , as those he seem to face too

what a show !!!!

Anonymous said...

Sadiq as stooge , as Trump

Anonymous said...

Fake targets , "to induce compassion" , "on pallokas" , "neck of the hoods ( city ones )" urban dwellers ... europeans and americans
a stooge , doing stooge work ... that Trumpa
if only jews before WWII got this massive ruse from "dark hidden powers " , those 6 millions will still be alive ... and in europe

Anonymous said...