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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump will ultimately fail to save American jobs

Trump Picks The Low Hanging Fruit
The Donald is saving some jobs, but he is fighting
a losing battle against technology

By Gary;

The slow motion economic collapse of society is happening all around us, but we are too busy with our everyday lives to see it.

Donald Trump is trying to bring jobs back to America. That low hanging job fruit will help for a time but it will ultimately fail as robotics, technology and the Internet abolish jobs by the millions.

Almost every day we are being hit over the head by stories of job loss on top of job loss.

Just Google robots and job losses. If you are not shared shitless by the endless stories then you have to be brain dead.

Bye Bye Jobs
Bill Katz owned five travel agency offices in Pennsylvania. 
The Internet forced them all to close.  Now he works 
alone out of a home office.

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Internet Poverty - 60,000 Travel Agents Lose Their Jobs, Are You Next? 

Welcome to Eternal Poverty

It is hard to wrap your mind around the simple fact that our fathers and the current generation will have lived at the peak of human wealth and prosperity.

The last 60 years saw a nearly perfect balance of demand for labor and good paying jobs creating a massive middle class.

But human labor is no longer in demand, but the population of the earth keeps growing and growing. New millions of humans are born and they need jobs, jobs that are vanishing at light speed.

Our economy is plunging rapidly into a world of permanent unemployment and poverty that will be ruled over by a wealthy class of Oligarchs.

The Hunger Games World
Oligarchs live in wealth, average people in poverty

I get the feeling we are moving closer to a world that looks like The Hunger Games.

In The Hunger Games the nation of Panem consists of a wealthly capitol city where people live a lavish and technologically advanced lifestyle. The Elite are supported and surrounded by districts of people living in poverty and near starvation.

The poor are kept in line by a brutal Police State that is willing to kill as many people as needed to protect the system.

The signs are there that governments want to the prevent social unrest caused by unemployment. This month Finland started to give unemployed Finns an unconditional monthly payment of 560 Euros ($590). 

But how much "peace" can minimal welfare payments really buy? People want to live the good life. When that lifestyle was denied to them we saw violence like the French, Russian and Chinese revolutions.

We are moving into a Brave New World of eternal poverty along side that of massive wealth. There will be an added "bonus" that the poor will be policed by Terminators.

Droids and Jobs
This brilliant TED program makes a lot of good points, but misses the long term problem of permanent unemployment and poverty.

American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas

The Jobs Sandcastle
As fast as Donald Trump might try to build a castle of new jobs
we see technology (like the tide) coming in to eat away at
the base until the castle finally collapses.

No Humans Allowed
Business has no interest in paying humans to work. Those pesky humans actually want money, days off, sick pay, vacations and retirement benefits.  
Robots will never stop working, never earn a pay check, but they also never pay taxes to support the system. No taxes coming in from robot workers means a collapse of government services from police to schools to the military. With tax income reduced government will turn to printing money.

Will most Americans be
put on reservations?

No longer able to support themselves the government put the Indians on reservations and gave them a minimal welfare existence. Indians had a future of eternal poverty and dependence on their Lords and Masters in Washington.
Non-Indian Americans are already on the new government provided "reservations". We see millions crammed into crappy government provided housing where they wait without hope for the monthly recharging of their EBT cards.
What will happen to the millions who will permanently lose their jobs to technology and robots? 

There is a 100% guarantee that the government will NOT give them new cars, a beautiful home and a large monthly income. The permanently unemployed will be herded into the welfare system and the police will keep them under control to prevent social unrest.


Anonymous said...

robots don`t vote
so home rule dictatorship , or some kind of "pay per votes" scheme, as the way to soft the masses

Anonymous said...

I believe this is true.. there will be the "Alphas" our ruling class... and maybe the betas.... the artistic class the technological class, that designs the machines, and then the "workers" who maintain the machines..... Those "extra" or uneducated or..... yeah.... well they will be the "Dunsels"..... what to do with them.
NOW, we could put the majority of people to work IF the older folks could afford to retire AND one could afford to live on a 20 hour work week. Theoretically, man-hours/production says that should have happened.... it hasn't.... I wonder why???