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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mother of backpacker slain by Muslim in Australia criticizes Trump

A World Gone Mad

  • Two Britons are butchered by a man screaming "Allahu akbar" but it has nothing to do with Islam. The mother defends the killer of her daughter; does not even mention the other Briton murdered.

(AP) — The mother of a backpacker slain in an Australian hostel wrote an open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, rejecting the decision to label her daughter's death as a terror attack.
The August slayings of Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 20, and fellow Briton Tom Jackson, 30, were on a list of 78 attacks the White House says were "executed or inspired by" the Islamic State terror group — and under-reported by the media.
"My daughter's death will not be used to further this insane persecution of innocent people," she wrote.
Police in Australia allege that suspect Smail Ayad shouted "Allahu akbar" — an Arabic phrase meaning "God is great" — during the attack, but said there was no indication the assault was motivated by extremism. They have said they are investigating whether Ayad, who is French and was 29 years old at the time of killing, had a romantic obsession with Ayliffe-Chung.
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Trump Derangement Syndrome
A mother is angry at Donald Trump because the President dared to point out that the man who killed her daughter was screaming “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.
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‘Allahu Akbar’ - Muslim butchers 21 year old girl

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