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Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Twitter" will stop Islamist terrorism claims General Flynn

A 19th century Bedouin warrior
Byzantine Military

Retard Alert

  • From the Scary Shit Department  -  General Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, admits bombing Islamists does not do much good. We have been bombing the Taliban since 2002 with nothing much to show for it.
  • But the SCARY part is Flynn says since bombs are not working we need to attack Islamists with Twitter and Facebook. Totally retarded.
  • Religion infused Islamists have been butchering non-Muslims since 629 AD.  Muslims did not need the Internet to find reasons to kill non-believers. 
  • God help us all if this is the type of military advice President Trump is getting.

(PR Newswire)  -  President Trump’s national security adviser wants to fight not just Islamic terrorists but the “radical ideology of Islam,” and he plans to do it from the grass roots up, starting with our children at schools while also using social media.
Dealing with the global Islamist threat on a tactical level through drone strikes and arrests hasn’t worked, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn argues, according to his largely overlooked 2016 book, “The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies.” He wants to combat it more broadly, using informational warfare, among other things, on a scale not seen since World War II.
But first, he writes, the government has to overcome the political taboo of tying Islamic violence to the religion of Islam, including its sacred texts, which he says the enemy is using as a manual of warfare.

Last week, Trump asked Flynn to work with the Pentagon and other security agencies to draft a comprehensive plan to not only defeat ISIS on the battlefield but “delegitimize its radical Islamist ideology,” and have it on his desk by the end of this month.

Advance details of the plan can be gleaned from Flynn’s book. In it, the 33-year Army veteran proposes discrediting the “evil (religious) doctrines” motivating jihadists — namely the Islamic rewards for martyrdom (or suicidal terrorism) and the totalitarian tenets of Sharia law — using psy-ops and counter-propaganda, not just through federal government channels but also through “our schools, media and social networks.”“If we can’t tackle enemy doctrines that call for our domination or extinction,” Flynn writes, “we aren’t going to destroy their jihadis.”

He says in the book that the government may have to draft digital media giants to help “wage ideological warfare” against radical Islam: “We can’t possibly have an effective campaign against Radical Islamic ideology without the cooperation of the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter.”

He also wants to use radio and TV to conduct psychological warfare.
We can’t possibly have an effective campaign against Radical Islamic ideology without the cooperation of the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter.
“It’s long past time for us to denounce the many evils of Radical Islam,” he writes, while highlighting the many defeats of ISIS and al Qaeda to show potential recruits that “the Almighty has changed sides in the holy war.”
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Battle of Omdurman, 1898
Clip from the 1939 movie "The Four Feathers"

The Battle of El Obeid, Sudan, 1883
Clip from the 1966 movie "Khartoum"

Anglo-Sudan War, 1898-99: A group of Hadendowah Sudanese bearing weapons.
Jidah in the Sudan
It bothers me a great deal that our generals appear to not have a clue about
about militaristic Islam and its long history.
Jihad has been going on for 1,400 years.
Mahdist War

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