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Friday, February 24, 2017

California bans travel to "anti-LGBT states"

Late at night when it is quiet you
can hear the goosestepping

(Gateway Pundit)  -  The State of California has created a travel ban that prohibits public university students from traveling to ‘anti-LGBT’ states according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.
The report, released Tuesday, indicates that law went into effect on January 1 and prohibits students from the University of California and California State University from traveling to four states: Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee.
The travel prohibition applies to state agencies, departments, boards, authorities, and commissions, including an agency, department, board, authority, or commission of the University of California, the Board of Regents of the University of California, and the California State University.
The Daily Caller reports that the travel ban has already been felt by dozens of students who were planning on traveling to other states for academic activities.
The new law’s effects were felt by students at UC Davis, who planned on attending an undergraduate research conference in Tennessee. The new law prevented the students from attending because UC Davis was going to pay for them to go.
More than 100 Californians were chosen to be a part of the Council on Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of Memphis in April, but those who attend public universities will not receive funding to go.
The move to institute a travel ban against other states after expressing rage over President Trump’s travel ban on dangerous foreign countries is complete hypocrisy from the State of California.
California’s travel ban came from California’s attorney general Xavier Becerra who recently slammed President Trump for his travel ban on seven nations that have strong connections to terrorism.

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