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Monday, February 6, 2017

Le Pen: 'We are at a crossroads of civilizations'

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  • I personally think there is a direct correct between abortion and open borders.  The Elites want to abort and/or birth control the native population out of existence while importing the citizens of other nations to replace us. But I am just a "crazy" Blogger. What do I know?
  • One thing I know for sure, if you are a TRUE Conservative you will be called a "racist" for daring to believe your nation has the right to exist behind secure borders.

LYON, France (AP) — French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen blasted globalization and Islamic fundamentalism in her closing speech Sunday of a two-day National Front party conference, calling them “two totalitarianisms” threatening France.

To applause and cries of “On est chez nous” (We are in our land), Le Pen served up the grand themes of the party that have made her a leader in early polls of the spring presidential election.

“We are at a crossroad….This election is a choice of civilization,” she said, asking whether her three children and other young citizens would have the rights and culture of the current generation. “Will they even speak our French language?”

She said she is defending both France’s material and immaterial patrimony, “which has no price” and is “irreplaceable.”

Running on a campaign slogan of “In the Name of the People,” Le Pen called out for French “patriots” on the left and right to join with her.

In politics, “the division is no longer right-left (but) patriot-globalist,” she said. “You have your place at our side.”

Le Pen listed Muslim veils, mosques or prayer in the streets of France as unacceptable cultural dangers that “no French person … attached to his dignity can accept.”

“When you arrive in a country, you don’t start violating laws, demanding rights,” she said in reference to what she calls “massive immigration.”

“There will be no other laws and values in France but French.”

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Anonymous said...

So what Marine ?!
You are lost to.
The hidden tribal mobsters are ploting to put , "stooge telegenic Barbie doll Ken ... Macron " on the Elysee , as they put Fillon out of the race ...
The same undemocratic blackfascist hidden tribal mobsters , playing around with earth peoples future