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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fascist Democrats crack down on Free Speech

The Rise of American Fascism
  • The God Damn Fucking Democrats are attacking freedom of speech at every possible turn. Now they are going after Internet speech by pulling ads run on Breitbart and Infowars.
  • I don't know what is worse? The Fascist Democrats or the whores in the GOP who deliberately remain silent while freedom is crushed.

(Infowars)  -  AdRoll, the online advertiser that accused Breitbart of “hate speech,” is now abruptly cutting ties with Infowars.com in an apparent, concentrated effort to shut down political speech by conservatives and libertarians online.

The advertiser sent a vaguely-worded email to the Infowars legal department saying it was ending its ad campaign in part because “all political content should focus on the merits of the candidate,” implying that corrupt, establishment candidates such as Hillary Clinton should be showered with praise and her scandals ignored.
This seems to contradict another statement in the same email in which AdRoll claims “all content on your website should be relevant, accurate, informative, and up to date;” if a news web site is to focus on only the “merits” of a political candidate and not the controversies, how is that accurate?
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Will AdRoll likewise ban ads from appearing on mainstream media sites that constantly attack President Trump?
Here’s the email in full:

Interestingly, none of this verbiage is found on AdRoll’s “Website Content” guidelines page, indicating that it’s a new crusade to control political speech and news reporting through economic warfare.

AdRoll even slandered Breitbart by accusing the site of “hate speech,” which is not only an unprofessional accusation, but it also points to a political – not business – motivation behind the blacklisting.
“While we do let our customers determine which sites they’d like to block, we would like to clarify that AdRoll does not serve ads on Breitbart News because it violates our policies around offensive language and hate speech,” a company spokesperson said.
“Hate speech” is a ambiguous term often used by leftist politicians in the West to shut down the free speech of those critical of globalist initiatives, such as uncontrolled immigration which has lead to the erosion of national sovereignty in Europe and the US.
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"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."
George Orwell


Anonymous said...

Poor Orwell ... and even he fight for the POUM , before notice that those who fought side with then, are his biggest foes , as the fascists ...
free speach is goin down on this new "feudal" times

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