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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hollywood Hates America and the World

Cap was Ignored by Hollywood

The Corrupt Hollywood Elites
If the public likes a movie Hollywood hates it

By Gary;

Here we go again. Captain America: Civil War, the #1 movie on the planet Earth, failed to win or even be nominated for Best Picture.

The insane loons in Hollywood gave the Best Picture Oscar to Moonlight, a movie no one saw and even fewer cared even existed.

This was also a politically correct award.

Now that an African American oriented movie has won the Hollywood Leftists can strut around saying, "See, were are not really racists after all."

The hilarious thing is Blacks had near zero interest in seeing this shoved down the throat so-called "Black Movie". The reality is African Americans were far more interested in buying tickets to Captain America or Star Wars.

It also comes down to mental illness combined with Elitist snobbery. They feel Hollywood and its actors are rightfully the center of the universe. Stop being a an uneducated rube and bow down before our opinions on film and politics.

I stopped watching all the award shows many years ago. Spending hours watching these people stroke each other on how smart and beautiful they all are in a waste of time.

I watched The Walking Dead instead.

RANK - #136
$22 million box office

RANK - #94
$61 million box office

Rank - #22
$369 million box office

Box office mojo

Best Movie of 2016
Against my better judgement I went to see Suicide Squad.  I guess my judgement sucks because I loved the movie. The insane Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie) stole the film from the "star" Will Smith.

The Movies People Actually Liked
Worldwide Box Office grosses of the top ten movies of 2016.
As a general rule if a movie is popular the Oscars ignore it.

1Captain America: Civil WarBV$1,153.3$408.135.4%$745.264.6%
2Finding DoryBV$1,027.8$486.347.3%$541.552.7%
4The Jungle Book (2016)BV$966.6$364.037.7%$602.562.3%
5The Secret Life of PetsUni.$875.5$368.442.1%$507.157.9%
6Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeWB$873.3$330.437.8%$542.962.2%
8Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find ThemWB$748.8$220.029.4%$528.870.6%
9Suicide SquadWB$745.6$325.143.6%$420.556.4%
10Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryBV$687.9$375.454.6%$312.545.4%

Hollywood will cash the checks action and Sci Fi movies generate, but ignores them at Oscar time.


Anonymous said...

You right.
They are been driven , smartly as if was a masterplan conspiracy .
Holly elites are portrait themselves as got some sense of moral upbring , on society , cause they sorrow on their wealth .
This year they are well driven to going on that PC thing , cause Traitor Mole Trumpa , is well playing the role , of "racist redneck palooka"... so they go the other way , safe Clint and Jon ... that are wise old coots.
Nobody cares on La La Land ... musical ? ... are you kidding me ? on those days of ours ?
Moonlight ? really ? but everyone will go see that ... formost blacks ... on that issue ?!
Really fuc*du+ Hollywood .
A bunch of now willing useful idiots for the NOW , and the DNC new extreme left , and the devil above that all , that are pulling the strings on th world .

Anonymous said...

gary , will you go see Moonlight or La La Dancing with Pussies ?
Thats what i thought ...
Neither do I .