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Thursday, February 23, 2017

SWAT Team Arrested Model for Burning a Koran


Allahu Akbar

  • Freedom of speech is dead in the growing European Police State as a woman is arrested by a SWAT team for burning a Koran.

(Vlad Tepes)  -  This is a story of the new totalitarian fascism sweeping Europe today, and may well be a prelude to life in the West, including in Canada soon if M103 becomes bill 103 and passes into law.

The first video shows a Slovakian model all of 24 years old, who made a video for Facebook, which while lacking in good taste, was definitely not illegal in Western democracies, and certainly did not deserve the treatment which followed.

In it, she urinated on, and then burned a koran on the snow, in Finland. And no one was harmed and no property was damaged except her own copy of the koran.

According to our source close to the family, she was contacted by the Slovak government shortly after she made the video.

She then left Finland, where she had been working as a model for five years, and rushed back to Slovakia to speak with authorities who had told her she had better come home to discuss this Facebook video.

That night, a SWAT team broke into her family home and arrested her and took her to jail.

Since then, people across Slovakia and even the Czech Republic have been burning korans in sympathy with the young girl and have told the Slovak authorities they will not stop until she is released.

It should be noted that the Czech Republic very recently held a trial of someone else charged with burning a koran, and the court found the accused not guilty, and that burning a koran in the Czech Republic is not a crime.

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