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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Philly Democrats Pass $3 Tax on a $6 Sugary Drink

The Food Police in Action

  • Yes Democrats are Leftist scum. The problem is the GOP is right at their side protecting and increasing spending.
  • Hey GOP - You have controlled Congress for 17 out of the last 21 years. Where is that flat income tax that you pretend to give a crap about?

(The Gateway Pundit)  -  And they wonder how they lost the Middle Class?
Pennsylvania Democrats enacted their sugary drink tax this week in Philadelphia.
Now a $3 pack of sugary soda will cost you $6.
Thank a Democrat.
As Salena Zito tweeted, “Between that and a Pennsylvania gas tax no wonder people revolted.”

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Anonymous said...

our despotic , fascist , fiscal driven , totalitarian goverment over here in europe , last year got this "magic trick" under the sleeve on soft drinks...
next will be drone year fly permit , fat tax on greese foods , salt tax , and sweet tax on pastry , or carbon tax on individuals in urban areas ...
and a flat tax on brocolli for school age kids ...
"eat your vegetables , Lateeshayd and Issa ... please " said the cafetaria official

Anonymous said...

Going to be kinda funny.. A Chicago style mob run by 13 year olds smuggling soda into Phili.... (yeah, prohibition worked well didn't it).