"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, January 12, 2017

President Trump hit by CIA, FBI, Obama & McCain

What the Fuck?
You need a 200 page program to keep track of all the GOP and 
Democrat scum going after The Donald

By Gary;

Wow. Looks like the insanity of the corrupt Republicrat Oligarchs that dominated 2016 news is continuing on into 2017 . . . . and maybe beyond.

"Golden Showers", the Obama controlled CIA, the FBI, the Media Machine, hacking and the Manchurian Candidate John McCain taking credit for it.

We have passed through the looking glass folks.  I have never seen anything like this.

It is not a conspiracy if it is true, and it is fair to say that the Wall Street funded open borders New World Order has been doing everything possible to destroy Nationalist Donald Trump.

Except for Hannity and Tucker Carlson I also turn off Fox News which treats these planted fake news stories as real news and have panel discussions about them.

It is almost downright impossible to find a Republican outside of The Donald's circle who will speak out against this trash.

The fact is we have three political parties in America:

  • The Left, open borders Democrats
  • The Right, open borders Republicans
  • and the Trump Nationalists.

The Nationalists are supported by the people, but Congress is fully bought and paid for by the open borders Wall Street Oligarchs.  The corrupt bipartisan Elites control both chambers.

Where will this go?

I suspect that the Left and Right Elites will go along with the Nationalists on an issue by issue basis. After all business is business.

But the bullshit John McCain hearings on Russia prove that the Republicans are no friends of the Nationalists. The GOP and Democrats are in alliance on many issues.

Let the games begin.

Trump Calls CNN Fake News


Anonymous said...

Shadowy dark opp .
New World Order deal = criminal world syndicate
CNN = sbirii

Anonymous said...

Ya think???? Whats REALLY scarey is the folks that BELIEVE this crap...
(to wit... the following FB "conversation"

J. He has been holding secret meetings with Congress to reduce number of armed Americans. Those who cannot pay the $2500 license fee will be out of luck. Starts with minorities and Muslims but will affect us all
Like · Reply · 6 hrs

C. Don't believe that for a NY minute. The NRA would be all over this. If YOU know this... trust me, the NRA would
Just another left lie to stir up the Muslims & minorities
Like · Reply · 5 hrs

J. The NRA wants to get guns out of the hands of minorities and Muslims by instilling a $2500 federal license fee for guns. Will affect anyone who can't afford it though.

Really... this was the exchange (still going on) So.. the NRA is against guns now (oh... white folks can have them but the NRA says if your not white NO.... )
This (to me) shows the desperation of the left in trying to incite riots and insurrection...

Anonymous said...

what a lie
read the 2 a
2.500 $ US ( even real)is manageable for everybody from all colours , and creeds, cause the 2a is for all americans