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Friday, January 13, 2017

Bernie Sanders willing to work with Trump

"Trump is right"

  • Bernie Sanders says he will work with Trump on pharmaceutical industry reforms. End crony capitalism that protects corporations from the free market.

(RT News)  -  President-elect Donald Trump and former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) don’t always see eye to eye, but the democratic socialist is praising Trump’s recent comments on the pharmaceutical industry in hopes of achieving reform.

“Our drug industry has been disastrous,” Trump told reporters, first stressing that they needed to up manufacturing of drugs in the US.
“And the other thing we have to do,” Trump continued, “is create new bidding procedures for the drug industry, because they're getting away with murder.”
Sanders largely agrees.
“He’s right,” Sanders said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “And I’ve been saying that for years.”
“Pharma does get away with murder. Literally murder. People die because they can’t get the prescription drugs they need,” the former Democratic presidential candidate said.
“Sometimes he copies my statements,” Sanders said of Trump. “I don’t know if he got that one from me.”
Sanders also corrected Trump on the matter of “bidding.”
“He means ‘negotiating,’” Sanders said. “And if he’s up for negotiating, of course we have to do that. The VA does that and their prices are lower than for Medicare and other government agencies.”
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Sanders & Trump on Infrastructure

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is bucking Democrat leadership by saying that he’s willing to work with President-elect Donald Trump on some issues.

When asked if there was “any opportunity” to work with Trump’s administration, Sanders told MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “I see some, sure.”

“I don’t think it makes sense to say we aren’t going to work in any way, in any form, with the Trump administration,” Sanders said. “Trump has talked appropriately about our collapsing infrastructure – our roads, bridges, and water systems.”

“If he is prepared to work with us on rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, and creating millions of jobs, and doing it in a way that doesn’t privatize our infrastructure or give tax breaks to billionaires; yes, let’s work together.”

Sanders also noted that Trump is right in saying that US trade policy has become abysmal for the country due to globalist trade legislation like NAFTA and TPP.

“If he is prepared to work with us on a trade policy which works for the American worker, not just the CEO of large, multinational corporations, let’s work together in those areas,” he said.


Hoover Dam and Infastructure
The GOP has run Congress for 17 out of the last 21 years while of bridges, dams etc fall apart. The GOP spent trillions to level foreign nations in wars while ignoring the needs of Americans.
The Dems are no better. When they were in control they pushed Obamacare and foreign wars instead of public works.
As a good Alexander Hamilton Federalist I strongly believe in internal improvements like the Hoover Dam or Eisenhower's interstate highway system. Building a strong economy and creating jobs is just common sense.

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