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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump invites West Bank Settler leaders to attend inauguration

To Trump:
Do We Really Need More Trouble?

  • It appears The Donald is eager to jump right in the middle of the issue of Israeli thefts of the lands owns by Muslim and Christian Arabs on the West Bank.
  • The West Bank is none of our business. This issue MUST be resolved by the local parties involved.
  • The U.S. declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel or taking sides in the West Bank land wars only invites attacks on Americans.

(Times of Israel)  -  In a sign of the different attitude of US President-elect Donald Trump, the West Bank settlers’ council said Friday it has been invited to send a delegation to the presidential inauguration next week.

It said that Oded Revivi, chairman of the Yesha settlers’ council, will lead the delegation. He will be joined by Benny Kasriel, mayor of Ma’aleh Adumim, a large settlement next to Jerusalem.

This comes three weeks after the Obama administration failed to veto a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements, a move Israel bitterly condemned. Consecutive US administrations have called the settlements an obstacle to peace, saying they undermine the possibility of a two state solution.

Revivi said the invitation is a “clear indication” that the new administration understands the importance of his group. He says he is looking forward to working “with our new friends in the White House.”

Trump has appointed David Friedman, a Jewish-American lawyer with close ties to the settlement movement, as his ambassador to Israel. Trump also has vowed to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a step the Palestinians strongly oppose.

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Christian Palestinian
Attacked by Israel

One of my early articles for The Federalist was about Christian Palestinian Daoud Nassar who is fighting against Israel that wants to take his land and hand it over to Jewish settlers.
"The Israelis want this whole area. Their plan is to force as many of us as possible to leave," said Palestinian Christian Daoud Nassar, who is fighting to hold on to his family's farm in Nahalin.
According to Taayush, a Tel Aviv-based organization that advocates Israeli-Palestinian cooperation, the region's 20,000 Palestinian residents have lost at least one-fifth of their land to the settlements, which sprawl closer to their homes by the day.

THE FEDERALIST - "Do Arabs have Property Rights?"

Sorry Mr. Trump, but the U.S. does not need to get involved in land thefts on the West Bank. We need to mind our own business.

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