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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Paul Ryan Attacks Julian Assange

What the Hell is going on with the GOP?
The phony open borders Republican Party
left me many years ago

By Gary;

I finally figured out what Paul Ryan is.

Ryan is the bully, asshole older brother who would beat you up when Mom and Dad were not around.

Like your asshole brother, Ryan is "family".  Convention says you are supposed to like him. He's "family" they say. But that is really hard to do when he is such a prick.

This applies to virtually the entire GOP leadership.

Our "Conservative" leaders embrace us at election time and feed us bullshit about protecting our borders (while leaving them wide open), creating jobs (while exporting them to Mexico and Asia), supporting the Constitution (while building an unconstitutional 1984 spy state) and small government (while fully funding every possible Big Government program).

Now we see open borders Speaker Ryan take up Democrat talking points that Julian Assange is a Russian agent.

"House Speaker Paul Ryan later fired back, saying on 
the Hugh Hewitt radio show that Assange 'is a sycophant 
for Russia. He leaks, he steals data and compromises 
national security,' reports the Daily Mail.  

Amazing. Julian Assange just ripped the corrupt Hildabeast a new hole by daring to publish the truth. But Ryan follows the Democrat line and blames Russia. The rest of the warmongering, open borders GOP leadership marches in Goosestep with Ryan and the Democrats.

If ever you needed proof that there is only one party in Congress, the Republicrat Party, here it is.

"War is Peace" said George Orwell. The 1984 party line: the opposite of what is said is the real truth.

The snake Paul Ryan follows Orwell and claims knowing the TRUTH compromises national security.

Call me a crazy Blogger, but I do not see any compromised security except the wide open borders that Paul Ryan refuses to close.

Julian Assange Interview with Sean Hannity 

The Police State
On the orders of Comrade Obama the so-called "Conservative" government of Britain has spent over $10 million, or $16,000 a day, to imprison Internet newspaper publisher Julian Assange inside the embassy of Ecuador.  
His crime? Daring to tell the truth.

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