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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama's Pentagon wants "biodegradable ammo" that grows flowers

The Insanity of Liberalism

  • Comrade Obama will ship arms to Islamist monsters and drop thousands of bombs. But the real concern of liberals:  "Can we make war environmentally friendly?"

(Fox News)  -  The U.S. Army gets through a lot of ammunition thanks to the amount of training it carries out. But that ammunition doesn't come without waste which slowly degrades over hundreds of years polluting whatever ground (and nearby water sources) it happens to fall upon.
So the Department of Defense (DoD) decided to do something about it, and is requesting environmentally friendly ammunition for use during training exercises.
The request was made via the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Specifically, the DoD wants "biodegradable training ammunition loaded with specialized seeds to grow environmentally beneficial plants that eliminate ammunition debris and contaminants."
The ammunition the DoD wants to replace with biodegradable alternatives includes "low velocity 40mm grenades; 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortars; shoulder launched munitions; 120mm tank rounds; and 155mm artillery rounds." There's also cartridge cases and sabot petals, which can either lay on the ground or end up buried beneath it.
Sourcing the seeds for use in this new ammunition won't be a problem as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) already bioengineered them so as not to germinate for several months, allowing time for the materials containing them to sufficiently biodegrade. The seeds can then take up any remaining contaminants as they grow, further reducing harm to the environment.
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The Great Ted Rall
As a true Conservative I just love Leftist cartoonist Ted Rall. On many issues 
the far Right and Left can eagerly join forces.


Anonymous said...

Man ... Russia bombing from higher altitude , or Assad barrel bombs to total anynhilation doesn`t look good , also ...
Neverdeless only with that they came to a solution "as that 45Berlim one " that bring to a desolate land ... peace ... without people.
Theres no simple solutions . So Obama really stay away and do nothing , as give way to locals fight for themselves .

Anonymous said...

calling qadafi lybia a socialist regime is to slunder real socialists ...
even that anyone can see

Anonymous said...

unless we are talking of those socialist who steal the people , bring them to social slavery, are moving by a tribal instinct , inbreeding themselves to pull out outer dna sources, and some other things from the dark ages