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Monday, January 16, 2017

Soldiers of Odin Expand to Australia, North America

The Results of Open Borders

  • The liar politicians on both the Left and the Right have not only adopted open borders, but they have eagerly imported militant Islam that hates Western values of women's rights and freedom of religion.
  • This last year we have seen an explosion of Nationalism.  The anti-Islam Soldiers of Odin, which patrols the streets like the Guardian Angels, has been growing all over Europe and now into Australia and North America. So far they are non-violent so I am cool with them standing up for the West.
  • REMEMBER  -  If you dare to say out loud that your nation, language, religion and culture have the right to exist behind secure borders then you will be attacked as a racist.

Soldiers of Odin offer free snow shoveling

(CBC News)  -  Concerns are being raised after the local chapter of a controversial group started offering free snow shovelling services in Regina.
Bob Hughes, advocate with the Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism is concerned about the "winds blowing around the country and the world," referring to anti-immigrant sentiment.
Soldiers of Odin, an anti-immigrant organization that started in Finland last year as a response to the influx of refugees, has set up chapters in a number of Saskatchewan communities.
Recently, the Regina chapter posted an advertisement on Usedregina.com offering free snow shovelling.
"We generally try to stay on the bus routes and where we know heavy traffic areas are so that they're not going to be slipping and falling when it's all snowy and icy," said Ryan Ward, president of Regina's Soldiers of Odin chapter.
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Norway Soldiers of Odin patrol "to help the police"

Quebec's Soldiers of Odin

(CBC News)  -  In the early evening darkness, four figures huddled in the parking lot of a Quebec City arena, all wearing black sweatshirts emblazoned with a drawing of Odin, a Norse god of war.
One was a professional hunter, another a wood-factory worker. They stomped their boots in the cold, shared a cigarette or two, then set off to patrol the historic streets of the city, armed only with a flashlight and the belief they were protecting Quebecers from a vague but dangerous threat.
Leading the group that night was a 47-year-old father of four, Dave Tregget, who paints cars by day, but on evenings and weekends was in charge of the Quebec chapter of Soldiers of Odin.
"We are Canadians helping Canadians," said Tregget as he steered the group through Saint-Roch, a neighbourhood where urban renewal meets poverty in Quebec City.
"I want to protect our Canadian charter of rights and liberties. We've got to fight to keep these rights."
When Tregget joined the Soldiers of Odin last year, the group had barely a half-dozen members in Canada. It was little known outside of northern Finland, where it patrolled, claiming to protect locals from Muslim immigrants.
But the group grew quickly, first to the rest of Finland, then to other Nordic and Baltic countries. There are now more than 20 national chapters, including one in Australia.
The Soldiers of Odin claim to have around 3,500 members in Canada, 400 of them in Quebec.
Other far-right groups in the province, such as La Meute and the Justiciers du peuple, are mainly active online. The Soldiers of Odin distinguish themselves by maintaining an active presence in the community, especially in Quebec City.
They have, since February, organized patrols through various neighbourhoods, sometimes as many as three or four times a week.
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Soldiers of Odin Stockholm spreading holiday cheer

Soldiers of Odin Patrol 
Melbourne, Australia

(The Age)  -  A vigilante-style group is running "safety patrols" in Melbourne's CBD to counteract what it claims is the inability of police to protect the public from rising street crime and gangs such as Apex.

The self-proclaimed "patriot" group Soldiers of Odin Australia – an offshoot of a far-right Finnish group – is patrolling Federation Square, Birrarung Marr and Bourke Street Mall and outside city train stations at night. Its members wear distinctive black uniform jackets emblazoned with a Norse war helmet and Australian flag.

It is believed to be the first time a vigilante-style organisation has operated in the city centre, although "community patrol" groups have reportedly emerged in the outer suburbs amid a spate of publicity about home invasions, bashings and carjackings linked to rising youth crime.

"We're fed up and our communities are fed up," national president Jay B Moore said. "We're going where Apex and other gangs are popping up and causing trouble. 

"The kind of violence we are seeing on the streets is not something our culture is used to. Our main goal is to make and keep our streets safe. We stand for old-school Aussie values."

The Soldiers of Odin appear to operate similarly to the Guardian Angels network, founded in New York City in 1979 to patrol the subway system amid growing crime rates.

An increase in aggravated burglaries and car thefts in Melbourne's outer suburbs has prompted other groups to conduct nightly foot patrols of their neighbourhoods.

The Soldiers of Odin Australia, which claims to have more than 100 members organised in "divisions" in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, is an offshoot of the far-right, anti-immigration group founded in Finland in 2015.

The local group's manifesto says that while it is "anti-immigration" and "anti-Islam", it is not racist, neo-Nazi or anti-Semitic. It also rejects the label of "vigilantes", describing itself as a "patriotic social club".

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Defending the West against Islam.
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