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Saturday, January 7, 2017

CIA - Russia hacks but no proof offered

Oh The Horror

  • The corrupt, brain dead SOBs in the CIA have concluded that Russia did not like Hillary. They are SHOCKED that Hillary might be criticized in public!!!! and during an election! Oh the horror.
  • Note how the "Conservative" GOP is joining hand-in-hand with the Democrats to beat the war drums against Russia and Trump.
  • The CIA has been arming Islamist terrorist monsters in Syria and Libya for years. So forgive me if I don't believe one word these bastards tell us.

(The Hill)  -  Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a widespread influence campaign intended to help elect Donald Trump, the intelligence community said in a declassified report released Friday afternoon. 

The document is made up of publicly available information, painting a portrait of Moscow as making a shrewd decision to back a candidate it saw as friendlier to its interests.

Moscow also reportedly saw the election of Trump as “a way to achieve an international counterterrorism coalition” against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The CIA and FBI have high confidence in the judgment, while the National Security Agency has moderate confidence, the report acknowledges. 

The report — devoid of a “smoking gun” — is unlikely to silence skeptics who are unconvinced that the intelligence community can prove Russia’s motivations.

Trump has repeatedly refused to accept the community's conclusions and has treated its assessment as an attack on the legitimacy of his presidency. 

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Thanks to Diogenes' Middle Finger

The CIA says Russia dared to publish articles
on RT News critical of Hillary.

The CIA is searching everywhere to
find proof of Russian hacking.

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Only they can see those proofs , not us !