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Monday, January 23, 2017

Death from Above - Anonymous People Killed

The Unconstitutional Yemen War

  • It is too yearly to call this a Trump drone attack. It may be left over from Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama.
  • More important is both parties fully fund these unconstitutional wars around the world. We are not even sure who we are killing. We "suspect" they are terrorists.
  • Simply, do we really need to be taking sides in religious civil wars?

Aden (AFP) - Seven suspected Al-Qaeda members have been killed in drone strikes in central Yemen that were probably carried out by US forces, security sources said on Sunday.
A security official, asking not to be identified, said three "armed fighters of Al-Qaeda" died when their vehicle was struck on Saturday in the Sawmaa region of Al-Bayda province.
Another drone strike on Saturday in the same region killed three suspected jihadists who were riding a motorcycle, and on Friday a drone strike killed a local military instructor for Al-Qaeda in the same province, another security source said.
The United States, which considers the extremist group's Yemen-based franchise, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), to be its most dangerous, is the only force operating drones over Yemen.
But it only sporadically reports on a long-running bombing campaign against AQAP.
Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State jihadist group have exploited a power vacuum created by the two-year-old conflict in Yemen between the government and Shiite Huthi rebels, especially in the country's south and southeast.
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The general was , as usual, right in the face . Neverdless even if intoxicated by his alcool home destillery