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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

US Tanks arrive near Russia with dead batteries, no gas

Retard Alert
"Ah! the Generals! they are numerous, 
but not good for much!"
446 – c. 386 BC

(Daily Caller)  -  U.S. tanks arrived in Europe with dead batteries and empty tanks for a major deployment to NATO’s eastern flank, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The tanks accompany nearly 4,000 NATO forces to the Russian border, in an attempt to curb Russian ambitions in the region. The deployment is supposed to be a major NATO show of solidarity with its Eastern allies and a signal to Russia.

The error stemmed from neglectful soldiers who forgot to disable the tanks’ systems while they were in transport. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commander of all Army forces in Europe, said the errors reflected an experience deficit in modern soldiers. “It is stuff we used to know,” he lamented to TheWSJ.

The dead tanks were not the only logistical obstacle U.S. forces faced on their way to the Russian border. Several armored vehicles also struck the tops of bridges on the way to Poland because U.S. forces lacked accurate information on the road routes in NATO countries, which are part of the former Soviet Union.

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Anonymous said...

For what ?
Does everybody believe that it is the way , to stopped Russia interference on the West and middle east ?
They want to bring mayhew between those in the sand dunes , colapse in western europe , and the rise of " sanders crazy democrats" in america ...