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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Teacher Won’t Let Students Watch Trump’s Inauguration Speech

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(Heat Street)  -  Fourth-grade students in Williamston, Michigan, won’t be watching Donald Trump’s Inauguration speech during class time on Friday because their teacher feels Trump’s statements during the campaign compromise the historic event.
According to radio host Steve Gruber, Brett Meteyer, who teaches the elementary school students, sent a letter to parents explaining that students would watch the 2005 and 2009 inaugurations instead, and will cut off viewing of Trump’s inauguration right before the President-elect speaks.

Here is a letter sent to parents of 4th Graders in Williamston, Michigan by their teacher. Please read and tell me what you think about it.
Dear Parents,
Because I am concerned about my students and your children being exposed to language and behavior that is not in concert with the most conservative social and family values, I have decided to show the inauguration of Donald Trump this Friday, but we will not view Mr. Trump's inauguration speech. Because every peaceful transition of power is a historic moment, I put in a request to the Trump team to preview the speech, but I have not heard back from them.
I showed the speeches of Presidents Obama and Bush in 2009 and 2005, respectively, but I am anxious about showing Mr. Trump's inaugural address, given his past inflammatory and degrading comments about minorities, women, and the disabled. I am also uneasy about Mr. Trump's casual use of profanity, so I sought an assurance that as their teacher, I would not be exposing children to language that would not appear in G- or PG-rated movies.
I do not know if Mr. Trump's speech is something that would be provided to the press or concerned citizens beforehand, but these plans may change if I hear back from them.
Brett Meteyer

Meteyer explained that Trump’s “inflammatory and degrading comments” during the campaign and his “casual use of profanity” make Trump’s speech a potential minefield, and since he does not allow his students to watch profane movies in class, he won’t risk Trump’s remarks.

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