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Friday, January 13, 2017

Marco Rubio goes full warmonger

GOP Beats War Drums
Against Russia

  • Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia is all you ever hear from the insane warmongers in the Republican Party (with the Democrats standing right there at their side).
  • Rule #1:  Keep the Sheeple distracted from the loss of their freedoms, jobs and open borders by creating "evil" enemies overseas. 

(Yahoo News)  -  U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio hammered former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson during a Wednesday morning confirmation hearing with a steady, hard line of questioning about Russian aggression.

During the hearing, Rubio interrogated Tillerson over Putin’s alleged interference with the U.S. presidential election and the Kremlin’s military aggression in Syria, Ukraine, Chechnya and elsewhere. A simple yet pointed question about Putin perhaps best illustrated Rubio’s firm and aggressive attack-style approach.

“Is Vladimir Putin a war criminal?” Rubio asked.

“I would not use that term,” Tillerson replied.

“Well, let me describe the situation in Aleppo and perhaps that will help you reach that conclusion,” Rubio said.

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Aleppo, Syria before the CIA armed Islamists

Aleppo, Syria after the CIA armed Islamists,
but the idiot Marco Rubio says Putin, not
Obama, is the war criminal.


Anonymous said...

The words on , Aleppo after, are wrong .
replace for "Aleppo after massive bombing from Assad , Hizballah militias , and "blind" russians high altitude bombs "

Anonymous said...

and now after killing many people , made others destitute they are carving a new cleansing etnic country as a Sassanid one