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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

JIHAD - Britain cancels changing of the guard

"Conservatives" Cave to Jihad
The "Conservative" Party that rules Britain 
proves once again that it isn't

(Jihad Watch)  -  Windsor Castle has cancelled Changing the Guard ceremonies amid fears of a terror attack after devastating incidents in Berlin and Nice last year.
The longstanding tradition will no longer take place on Saturdays due to concerns over the possibility that jihadists could target the thousands of tourists who gather to enjoy the show.
A tragic example of civilizational jihad: the weekend ceremony that draws the most tourists, a ceremony representative of British culture and history, is nixed because of the terror that was cast into the hearts of the disbelievers by jihadists within. The Changing of the Guard is said to be “one of the highlights of a visit to Windsor Castle.”

“Changing the Guard weekend ceremonies AXED amid fears of a Berlin-style TERROR ATTACK”, by Harry Walker, Express, January 29, 2017:
Two major truck attacks have shaken Europe over the past year.
In December, 12 people were murdered and 50 injured after a terrorist ploughed a truck through a busy Christmas market in Berlin at high speed.
And in July, 86 people were brutally killed and hundreds more hurt after a cowardly jihadi drove a lorry into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.
Thames Valley Police ordered top military officials to alter the ceremonial timetable avoid the busiest times in the week in the wake of the Berlin attack.
Troops will now only perform the ceremony on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Security has also been ramped up, with armed police checkpoints and road closures.
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How times have changed in Britain

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