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Monday, January 23, 2017

Pork Festival renamed after protests by Muslims

Islamo Fascism
Your right to live free and be happy offends Muslims

SEMARANG, INDONESIA (JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Organisers of a culinary event named the Pork Festival in the Central Java city of Semarang have been forced to rename it following protests from Islamic groups.
The event will now be known as Imlek Culinary Festival. Imlek is the local name for Chinese New Year, which falls on Jan 28 this year.
The Islamic groups met the festival’s committee at the Semarang Police station to discuss the event, which will be held at the Sri Ratu Supermarket in Semarang on Jan 23 to 29.
“The Pork Festival bothers us Muslims in Semarang. That’s why we want the committee to cancel the festival and focus on the Imlek celebration. The event will still have pork stalls but they have to be closed off from the public eye,” Danang Ansoru, spokesman of the Semarang Islam Congregation Forum (FUIS), said Friday evening.
Danang said the groups had also asked the committee to stand guard at the stalls to prevent Muslims from entering, but the request was turned down.
A FUIS statement issued on Jan 20 on the event was signed by several organisations, including Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, Muhammadiyah Youth, Indonesian Muslim Students Action (KAMMI), Indonesian Muslim Lecturers and Muhammadiyah.
FUIS demanded the police not issue permits for events that may spark public “concern”.  
The committee head of the festival, Firdaus Adinegoro, confirmed the name change. 
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Anonymous said...

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Thats the way the world is going on .

Anonymous said...

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Many of those "pata negra" are adressing other countries for political reasons , seeking protection.
They ask Mrs Merkel but she said she got a lot of them , also , and cannot give them any asylum .For now . After the elections who knows ? . Maybe Sigmund Gabby won those elections and with the Green Vegetables Party , he may open again those borders, for the more needed ones .
Next Cologne New Eve Party will adress special protection on women , by the use of "chorizo" slices around her`s heads ... as a kind of a tiara one , instead of pepper spray , or tasers.
In France also many troublesome in cafetarias cause problemns are older than now cause they don`t trust how the kebab is made on schools for lunch.
Italy stop selling pepperonni pizzas , replace those with carrot slices .