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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Obama declares total victory over GOP in budget battle

A "Conservative" Congress in Action

  • The leftist, open borders, big government loving Republican Party left me long, long ago. The current budget deal is yet more proof. 
  • I have not been a Republican for a long time. I call myself an independent Constitutional Federalist. 

(Washington Times)  -  The White House declared victory Wednesday over congressional Republicans in the budget negotiations that concluded late Tuesday night, saying Democrats beat back the GOP across the board.
White House officials cited a long list of wins over majority Republicans on individual budget items ranging from funding for Planned Parenthood to an overall increase in spending beyond previous “sequestration” caps.
“We feel good about the outcome. We succeeded,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.
He listed half a dozen budget battles where the White House won, including fighting off efforts to delay Mr. Obama’s plan to accept Syrian refugees, defeating a GOP effort to cut funding to combat climate change, stopping an attempt to block the National Labor Relations Board from expanding employer liability, and halting an effort to repeal a tax on medical devices.
“We walked into these negotiations focused on making sure that Republicans would not succeed in advancing their ideological agenda,” Mr. Earnest said. “There were a variety of attempts… and we did succeed in fighting off those efforts.”
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