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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cross-Dressing Boy to Shower in Girls’ Locker Room

A World Gone Mad
Liberals say young girls have no right 
to privacy while showering

(Daily Caller)  -  Facings federal threats of lost millions in funding for the children of taxpaying parents, a school district in the suburbs of Chicago voted on Thursday to allow a male high school student who dresses like a girl and otherwise identifies as female to use the girls’ locker room and shower there.
The student will use a separate, semi-private area in the girls’ locker room of his public high school.
The settlement between the U.S. Department of Education and the school district — the largest in Illinois — provides that the male student can use girls’ locker rooms as long as he changes in changing stations described as private, according to a Department of Education statement.
The feds have also deigned to allow the district to install curtains in the girls’ locker room for use by any actual, biological girls who want privacy.
The district must also arrange for the male student to have access to female bathroom and changing facilities at all district-sponsored activities off-campus activities and must create a “support team” for this one student to ensure he is happy.
The Education Department statement, which consistently identifies the male student with female pronouns, lauds the settlement agreement.
“I’m not intolerant, and I’m not a bigot,” Jeff Miller, parent of a district daughter, said at the meeting, according to the Tribune. “People have the right in this country to live their lives the way they see fit, and I respect that. When it starts infringing on other people’s rights, that’s when it becomes a problem.”
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Insane liberals say girls have no right
to privacy and women's groups are silent.

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