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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Judge orders man to learn Islam

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(World Net Daily)  -  A judge has ordered a landlord who was involved in a dispute with a Muslim tenant to learn Islam as part of her punishment for a fight in which the renter was “pushed” down a flight of stairs – prompting a legal analyst to describe the action as “a constitutional outrage.”
And a higher court has been asked to look into the actions by Judge Paul Yee Jr. of the Massachusetts court system.
It happened at the sentencing for Daisy Obi, who is a landlord, for a physical altercation in which tenant Gihan Suliman was knocked down a flight of stairs, suffering a bruise, cuts on her lip and a ligament injury.
Obi was convicted of the altercation, even though she denied it. She also denied allegations she berated Suliman over Islam.
Yee stated to Obi, “I want you to learn about the Muslim faith. I want you to enroll and attend an introductory course on Islam. I do want you to understand people of the Muslim faith, and they need to be respected. They may worship Allah, but they need to be respected.”
The local Press Enterprise reported Obi’s lawyers are taking the case to the Massachusetts state Supreme Judicial Court, asking whether the judge violated the landlord’s constitutional rights.
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