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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ISIS Twitter accounts run by the British

ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced 
Back to British Government

  • The evidence keeps piling up that the entire clusterfuck Middle Eastern war is a creation of the CIA, the British, Islamist Turkey and Islamist Saudi Arabia.

By Gary;

The road to the creation of ISIS appears go back to London and the CIA.

Now we see teenage hackers discovering that ISIS Twitter accounts can be traced back to the British Department of Work and Pensions.

One of the young hackers told the London Mirror"Don't you think that's strange? We traced these accounts back to London, the home of British intelligence services."

If teenage hackers can easily discover this information you know that government intelligence organizations could if they wanted to.

But why would they even look? After all ISIS is a creation of the West.

The British, Saudis and the CIA have been in on flooding Syria with weapons from day one. As long as ISIS was attacking Assad no one really cared that much.

But even when the Frankenstein Monster of ISIS poured into Iraq it was given support. The Turks were happy ISIS was killing Kurds. The Saudis were happy ISIS was killing pro-Iranian Iraqis and Syrians. And Comrade Obama held back on bombing the ISIS troops we had just armed back in Syria.

The only forces really fighting ISIS on the battlefield have been the Kurd and Christian militias and they have been starved of weapons by Obama and our allies.

Note that you only saw true anger from Democrats, Republicans and our European allies was when Russia decided to actually drop real bombs on the Islamists. That tells you everything about the "war" on ISIS.

"I am an agent of chaos."

The U.S. arming everyone from the Turks to ISIS to the Saudis to the "moderate" Islamists only makes sense if we deliberately want to create chaos.
Special Note  -  The Kurds and the Christian militias are the only forces on the battlefield and they have been deliberately starved of weapons by Obama and our allies.

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