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Monday, December 21, 2015

Norway teaches Muslims not to rape women

Where have all the real men gone?

  • It was May 29, 1453. Thousands of Christian soldiers stood on the walls of Constantinople knowing they would die on that day. By sunset they would be dead. Killed by tens of thousands of Jihadi Turks. The wives of the soldiers would be raped and their children sold into slavery. But these men did not flinch from their duty. They stood tall fighting for Western Civilization with nothing but a sword and a shield in vicious hand to hand combat.
  • Fast forward to today when our "leaders" are frightened to death they might hurt the feelings of the illegal alien Muslims pouring into Europe. You are witness to the Death of the West.

(American Thinker)  -  Norway is offering instruction to Muslim refugees on how not to rape women.
A course manual sets out a simple rule that all asylum seekers need to learn and follow: "To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person." 
Many refugees "come from cultures that are not gender equal and where women are the property of men," Mr. Isdal said. 
The first such program to teach immigrants about local norms and how to avoid misreading social signals was initiated in Stavanger, the center of Norway's oil industry and a magnet for migrants, after a series of rapes from 2009 to 2011.
... "there was a link but not a very clear link" between the rape cases and the city's immigrant community. According to the state broadcaster, NRK, which reviewed court documents, only three of 20 men found guilty in those cases were native Norwegians, the rest immigrants. A 2011 report by Norway's state statistical bureau noted that "immigrants are overrepresented in the crime statistics" but suggested that this was not due to cultural differences but because many of the immigrants were young men.

There's no clear link!  They're just "overrepresented in crime statistics"!  And it's due to the fact that many of them are young men, it being the fact that...there's no clear link.  Are you following?
... teaching material studiously avoids casting migrants in a bad light and instead presents a fictional character called Arne, a native Norwegian, as a model of predatory behavior. The main immigrant character, a 27-year-old called Hassan, is, by contrast, introduced as a "good man" who is "honest and well liked."
Why are immigrants even being taught at all, given that the training materials suggest that people named Arne are obviously more likely to commit rape than someone named Hassan?  How does one pass such an "anti-rape" course?  What does it mean if a Muslim immigrant gets a "C" in an anti-rape course?

Because of political correctness, neither the Times nor Norway wants to put the blame on Muslim refugees.  But that's clearly where the problem is. They come from cultures that don't respect women the way at least Republican men in America do.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, American males are somewhat more likely to rape women than Muslim refugees in Norway. So while the statement "They come from cultures that don't respect women the way at least Republican men in America do." might strictly speaking be accurate, it does not flatter the US.

The problem with the article is that the Muslim assault rapes are being compared to the rates of Norwegians, exceptionally low by any standard. Some articles say non-existent. Any country's rate looks huge compared to zero.

The populations of Oslo and Washington DC are nearly identical. Both have a much higher crime level than the less urban areas of their countries. Washington records 236 forcible rapes per year, Oslo 13. All of Oslos 13 rapes are reported to be by non-Norwegians. If they are all committed by Muslims, the Muslim population is about 6 % of Oslos population, so if the population were 100 % Muslim we'd get 227 rapes per year. Slightly less than the rate in DC.

So on the face of it, Norways efforts would be better spent educating American males to respect women. That's is a hyperbolic statement of course. (Mostly. A population with zero assault rapes in its biggest city over 3 years might have something to teach.) But the demographic that commits rapes in D.C, and the demographic that works in Norway, probably in the oil industry is unlikely to overlap much.

Apparently, though, rapists caught in Norway ( Which is a high percentage, few of them are current on police procedures such as DNA) tend to be Muslims that's arrived quite recently. Muslims that have lived there for years seem to tend somewhat towards the stats of ethnic Norwegians. Sadly, it does seem the median Norwegian Muslim is less likely to commit a rape than the median American.

Of course, this does explain why Norwegian media pay a lot of attention, any nation with _that_ low a rate of rapes introduced to a nearly American rate will react.

Sources: Aftenposten 15.10.2011 for rape rates and foreign/native fraction, Wikipedia for demographics of Oslo and D. C, and City rating Washington D.C. Crime Report.

Assumptions: That the Norwegian term "assault rape" and the US term "forcible rape" are roughly equivalent. Also that rapes are reported at roughly the same rate.