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Thursday, December 3, 2015

'At Least Obama Wants to Secure Somebody's Border' - Says GOP Congressman

The army of Macedonia builds a border fence to keep out illegal alien Muslims.

Obama Ripped a New One
  • California Rep. Duncan Hunter slams Obama for working with Turkey to "seal" their border while leaving the U.S. border wide open.

(CNS News)  -  President Obama on Tuesday said that the U.S. military is working "together" with Turkey's military to determine how a combination of U.S. air power and Turkish ground troops can "do a much better job" of sealing Turkey's border with Syria.

A porous, 60-mile stretch of that border is now used as a transit point for foreign fighters and ISIS fuel shipments.

"At least President Obama has asked for securing somebody's border," Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) told Fox News's Greta Van Susteren Monday night. "And at least he realizes that it does some good. I mean, that's the irony here. And it's kind of funny that we can't secure ours, we are not going to stop international terrorists from coming across our southern border, but we know it's going to work for Turkey."

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) is a Marine Corps major
and served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

By using the military to seal Turkey's border, Obama is admitting that such a thing "actually works," Hunter said. But, he added, "That doesn't mean he is going to do anything about it" in the U.S.

Hunter said it's important to secure the southern U.S. border so "you are not going to have Syrians or Turks or Palestinians or Pakistanis coming across American southern borders and sitting here in the U.S. until they are told to attack U.S. malls or U.S. stadiums.

On another topic, Hunter said the U.S. is at war with the Islamic State. Even though Congress has failed to declare war, it should be done, especially in this case, he said:

"ISIS is not al Qaeda who operated from different places, disparate places. There was no actual land mass that al Qaeda held on to, right? ISIS owns land. There is an actual battle front when it comes to ISIS. There is enemy lines when it comes to ISIS.

"This is different than Iraq or Afghanistan, where you were kind of fighting shadow terrorists that pop up, kill you or try to, then go, you know, hide again. You can actually declare war on them because by being the Islamic state, they actually have a state. They hold land and we are.

"There are bills. I am on one of them, where we are saying, hey, we should declare war."

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A Border Fence - What a Concept
The army of Slovenia builds a border fence to keep out illegal alien Muslims.

In the "Olden Days" we cared
In 1916 General Blackjack Pershing took charge of the 8th Brigade in San Francisco.  His mission was to patrol the Mexican – American border in response to the wave of instability and revolution sweeping Mexico. 
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Put the Army on the Mexican Border

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