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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Poll - Trump gains Democrat support after Muslim comments

Trump Attracting Democrats

  • It is a small change, but Gallup reports Trump's favorable numbers among Democrats are increasing after his comments on Muslim immigration. 
  • If these numbers continue over several polls you will see Hillary soiling herself in panic.

(Gallup)  -  Donald Trump's image among the overall U.S. population has trended up, not down, after his Dec. 7 recommendation that the U.S. prevent Muslims from coming into the country. 
The statement was met with extraordinary controversy -- even for Trump -- and most of his fellow Republican candidates, along with Democratic leaders, denounced it. Clearly, it would not have surprised many observers if Trump's image had taken a hit as a result.
But we can reject that hypothesis, at least based on data we have collected so far. Trump had a negative image among American adults to begin with, but it became slightly less so after his pronouncement, rather than more so.

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